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About company


Intui travel creates and supplies tech solutions in the field of passenger transfers for travel agents, tour operators, transport companies for 11 years.
             We offer: Intui Travel solutions allow you to accurately and quickly receive transfer product, integrate transfer to channel at any stage of sales. Global covering, big inventory Intui GDS and reliable leading transportation suppliers, allow you to select the relevant transfer for the needs of the customer. Solution Intui helps travelers improve their travel experience. And travel companies make customers happy, loyal and increase sales.
              Constantly updated Technical Developments of Intui allows travel companies to make their work smarter and more efficient.
              Our solutions for travel-agencies with a special partner account allow to differentiate the access for employees; a variety of tools and methods to integrate transfers in the sales chain; customers website with a simple and intuitive search for the desired route of the trip; GDS for transport companies that allows to manage sales; API access to the transfer booking platform with  global coverage.


Exact, accurate data:
Airport name or code IATA
Train/Bus station
Name of hotel
Address of villa
GEO coordinates

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Relevant transfer for travel agencies


To increase customer's loyalty, to offer them an additional value, to raise the income! Add a private transfer for your customer's travel package. Transfers on are booked in advance. You choose the car suitable for your customer: for the companies, with untypical luggage or luxury for picky ones. You know for sure, that the trip of your customer is well organized.

The detailed instruction will help your client to get things straight without any knowledge of local languages in the unfamiliar airport. Your client will be met and taken to the address specified while booking a transfer. The transfer price is specified on the website while booking, without extra charge on a spot. To get for the flight in time guaranteed: travel time is calculated with the load of the road.

Your clients will be satisfied!  We invite agencies to become our partners!

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The international online system of booking transfers invites to cooperation transport companies  provide services of tourist transfers, taxis, passenger services

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Relevant transfer for a traveler


To the address and by the address – traveler makes a booking of transfer on

The reservation of transfer to the address or by the name of the hotel is an immediate process on website. And that is surely normal and obvious - after all, the hotel’s name or the villa’s address is on the customer’s “hands”.

On customer makes an order and pays directly to the carrier company. Only the licensed and selected carrier companies. Competitive prices.

For the customer’s convenience, the site presents the concrete car models with the photos and routes, also the information about “amenities”, drivers and the languages they speak. For example, wi-fi and tablet in the car will make any trip short.

The Advantages of Relevant Transfer


> Clear and easy to understand the option of searching by the name of the hotel, villa’s address

> Booking in advance - a well-arranged trip

> No need in roaming at the place of arrival

> Suppliers - the reliable and professional local companies

> Flight time calculates automatically: taking into account the traffic on a road

> Сarselection "by the size" - by the number of passengers, luggage, and other features

> Car model selection - photos of cars on a route

> “Handy” instructions - clear and easy to understand for both the driver and client - no language barrier

> refined the transfer to improve the trip!

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