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Monetize your travel project easily with Intui tools

Today there are many ways to make money on websites, blogs and tourism sites are no exception. Check out how you may earn real money with Intui transfers.

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Digital COVID Certificate - short & useful guide for the travellers

The pandemic has long been no barrier to travel in 2021. If you think otherwise, then you are not yet familiar with the digital passport system.

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Which countries are open to a COVID-vaccinated tourist in 2021?

We all have another pretty good reason for joy: the start of vaccination against COVID-19 has taken place, and already a number of countries for vaccinated tourists are removing the requirement to provide PCR tests.

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Hospitable Cyprus is reopened to tourists!

While Cyprus is probably not the first choice when it comes to travel destinations (due to its remoteness from other European countries), whoever comes there will certainly ask themselves, “Why didn't I come here sooner?”

Find out what is required to visit Cyprus now.

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New & Hot: Sell transfers at your own price. Earn more with Intui!

Earn more revenue by adding the desired markup to the retail transfer prices!

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Earn more in the 2021 season: transfers to water parks, safaris and other attractions from Intui.

So the hot time has come for early bookings and travel planning for us season 2021 with your tourists. But not everyone wants to stay in a hotel, the soul of a traveler requires impressions!

We offer you to earn more in 2021 on transfers to popular holiday destinations!

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Great news: transfer search at Intui got easier! Find and book transfers between any locations right away.

We have updated the search engine and now you can find and book transfers from anywhere to anywhere.

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Other Turkey: Top 5 Places to Visit in Bursa

We recommend introducing your tourists to atypical Turkey!

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How Valentine's Day 2021 is celebrated in different countries

Today we want to acquaint you with the traditions of celebrating Valentine's Day in different countries. Who knows, maybe it will be one of your clients' requests - to celebrate Valentine's Day in another country? :)

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New: Agent's price in Intui interface for partners

You asked and we did!
Now you can see your agent price right in the car search results on Intui.travel transfer.

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Budget and safe group transfers in Dubai and Sharm El Sheikh are available for booking again on Intui!

Great news for travel agents and clients: budget and safe group transfers in Dubai and Sharm El Sheikh are once again available for booking on Intui.

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Travel in 2021: Is the future here already? What to offer the clients for holidays?

2021 began with a discussion on where and how you can travel safely for your health. The main question is - Will "COVID-19 immunity passports" be mandatory?

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❄️ Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year 2021! ❄️

Open the link below to get our New Year wishes to you :)

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Available for booking at Intui: Transfers from/ to new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)

Splendid news: Transfers from/to new Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (BER) is now available for booking at Intui.

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Where to relax on the beaches in 2021. Dominican, Jamaica and Barbados

Where to relax on the beaches in 2021?

Dominican, Jamaica and Barbados! The countries of the Caribbean have opened their borders to welcome tourists.

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New destinations for your cleints' relaxation in autumn 2020

We are glad to share with you new Intui destinations where this fall you can send the clients to recharge with new exciting experiences!

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Intui.travel transfer webinar for travel agencies: Transfer workshop - book quickly and earn money easily!

October 8 Intui held a webinar for Travel agencies where you learned...

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Now ordering a transfer has become easier: book just 2 hours before the start!

Great news: the time limits before the start of the transfer have been reduced!

Intui has offers from transport companies that are ready to take an order 2 hours before the trip.

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Send customers to warm up! Warm seas in the post-COVID era

Relaxation not only on the sofa watching the TV is still real this year! Even if the clients' vacation is postponed, they still have the opportunity to spend their holidays in the warm waters of the sea, recharge themselves with iodine, oxygen and sun rays for the coming winter. The waters of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf are so warm that you can have time to warm up in autumn! Egypt and Dubai are open to tourists.

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Where you can send clients on vacation in the summer of 2020 and where not earlier than in autumn?

Where your clients may go to relax in summer 2020? Where to go in autumn? Which countries are open to tourism and safe from coronavirus infection? Which countries can be entered without mandatory self-isolation? What countries are doing to open the tourist season? Where and when your clients may go and relax this year? A brief overview ...

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Transfer or Car rental: which is better to choose for your client

Do you plan a vacation or business trip for the client? Organized and booked in advance service will be a successful one. Tickets purchased, the hotel is reserved, but how to get to it? What to choose? Transfer - a car with a driver or rent a car? Let's figure it out and find out the pros and cons of these options.

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9 NEW destinations: the best vacation offers for your customers

what choosing for a trip

Summer is almost in full swing and we are glad to present you 9 new destinations with Intui transfers for a good travel or well-organized business trip for your customers.

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Serbia meets! TOP 5 must see places for your tourists


On May 22 Serbia reopened its borders for tourists from all over the world!

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It is high time right now! About how to quickly and easily start cooperation with Intui


For those who want to start cooperation with Intui, we have made a short and convenient instruction.

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How to travel around the post-COVID world: Safety and comfort with the new Clean & Safe service!

Clean & Safe transfers at Intui!
Now you can book an “anti-virus” transfer for your tourists and be sure for their safety.

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Set the vector for recovery! Mineral resorts of Russia for your customers!

mineral water sanatorium

Mineral resorts of Russia have retained part of their former charm: they still relieve the body of ailments, and the spirit - of city worries.

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Good news! More time for a free cancellation of the order with a refund!

At Intui now possible tocancel a booked transfer just a few hours before the ride! The time, number of hours, for a free cancellation is set by the transport company that performs the transportation. Some companies set very attractive conditions for cancellation - an order can be canceled free of charge a little earlier than 12 hours, or 2 hours ... and even 1 hour!

How to find and book a transfer...

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+5 Russian cities - new destinations on the Intui transfer map



9 simple advices to protect yourself from getting infected with a virus on your trip



Break the winter spleen of your clients with hot March destinations

To prevent your clients from falling into spleen after winter when they see slush and wet snow, advise them to stock up on oranges and good films. As the best option possible - send them on vacation!

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Intui has connected a new payment system - Amazon pay.

Finally! Intui has launched a new payment system - Amazon pay.

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7 exotic destinations for your customers' memorable winter travels

If the summer seems too far away, cheer up your customers with the winter sun.

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❆ Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020! ❆

Look forward to welcoming 2020, we would like to wish you...

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New types of vouchers for maximum benefit!

New types of vouchers have become available for partners of the Intui affiliate network.

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Webmasters: Improved TOP-3 widget!

We have good news!

TOP-3 widget improved: fixed frame resizing bugs and increased response speed!

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API partners: Now you can book child seats and boosters for your customers

You asked and we did! Now you can book transfers with child seats and / or boosters via API.

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Webinar for travel agencies: Cheat sheets for transfers for easy sales and happy clients

Do you have sophisticated and demanding customers? They are ready to pay more for a good offer?

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+7 new chips in the car description for maximum ride comfort

We have expanded the description of the chips that transport companies provide.

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New feature for partners: Automatic mailing of invoices for transfers

Intui updated the functionality for its partners by adding a convenient option - automatic receipt of invoices for transfers by email.

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New! We expand the functionality for partners

Care for partners and attention to their needs is one of the key vectors of cooperation for Intui. We selected the agents' requests and made the platform functional update.

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New routs for vivid impressions of your tourists

Summer is in full swing, which means that your customers have a chance to explore new destinations, and get remuneration from the bookings for you. 

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New! 4 new cool widgets in 7 languages

Especially for our webmasters & Travel agencies we created new 4 widjets

Useful! Effective! Fast!

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Summer update: a new collection of colorful banners

Especially for our partners, we made a summer update of the banner collection in 7 languages!

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New! Important updates at partners dashboard

How can we increase the level of quality and usability of the platform for our partners? - we thought.
The answer was found and successfully implemented.

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New! Intui Promotion: +100$ bonus for webmasters

Intui is pleased to present a promotion for webmasters. Great opportunity to earn a commission and an impressive +100$ bonus!

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In the footsteps of the gods or great Greek holidays

Spring is gaining momentum and early booking for the summer months is coming to an end. An excellent opportunity for representatives of the tourist industry to offer Intui transfers to travelers and receive a reward for a comfortable and sought-after service

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New! Now your company logo on the vouchers

For partners of the Intui affiliate network, a new feature has become available: now you can upload your company logo and it will be on vouchers for transfers from Intui.

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Meet the Seychelles! New direction on the Intui platform and even more opportunities for partners

Intui now has one more country on the map of transfer routes. Meet the Seychelles!

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New special for travel agencies, webmasters and publishers: 20 euros on your partner balance in 3 steps

Intui.travel transfer is in a hurry to please travel agencies, webmasters and publishers with a new, hot special offer!

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Intui.travel transfer will take part at ITB 2019 exibition

Great news: Intui will take part as an exhibitor in the 53rd International Tourism Exhibition ITB Berlin 2019.

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Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019!

Dear partners and friends, please accept our sincere wishes for the upcoming holydays.

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New GEO - GEO method in the Intui API

We are happy to present you the new method for partners working via API wide Intui -  GEO - GEO.

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Intui has expanded the line of payment methods for your convenience

Intui is pleased to announce the inclusion of new payment methods for even more convenient booking services.

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+5  new languages and updated tools for Intui partners and clients

Knowledge of the client's language is crucial to success in the travel segment.

Intui is customer-oriented and agree that it is required to speak the language of the customers in order to earn their trust and love.

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12 reasons to prolong the summer for your tourists

The summer may be over, but that does not mean that your clients missed their chance to explore new directions.

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7 languages for your sales with API Intui

Intui.travel transfer has expanded its inventory: now the partners working on API are available 7 languages.

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3 useful features for partners using API of Intui

Intui offers its partners who use  API wide solution 3 useful features:

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We are updating our Privacy Policy

We have updated Privacy Policy of Intui.travel transfer in connection with the forthcoming changes in the legislation of EU.

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Intui is going to take part in ITB China'18 in Shanghai

Intui is going to take part in ITB China in Shanghai 16 - 18 May 2018.
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Up to 2 hours of customer waiting with a new feature from Intui

Intui has expanded the service with a new feature: now if the flight is delayed for any reason, the driver expects the customer up to 2 hours from the time of arrival initially provided in the booking, without additional charges.

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Intui.travel transfer at ITB 2018: 1 API, thousands of solutions

Intui participated in the 52nd International Tourism Exhibition ITB Berlin 2018, which is considered to be the most important event in the industry, and, according to most experts, it reflects the most significant trends in tourism around the world.

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Choose! Hurry up! Buy & sit down! 7 amusement parks for family holidays as an opportunity to increase the income of the travel website

Very soon the spring school holidays, and hence - an excellent occasion for a family holiday! In this regard, the question arises among many who are interested in going to all from small to large. Today we have gathered the most popular amusement parks from around the world and made sure that your tourists can reach easily and quickly them from the nearest transport hub on a special Intui.travel transfer.


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Fly people to Africa to take a walk or how to increase the profit of your travel website

In the modern world, tourists are no longer attracted by well-fed Turkish beaches or friendly Italian, now the exotic rules the mood.

Experienced travelers increasingly choose tropical forests with magical butterflies on the island of Mauritius or medieval buildings and small streets of Morocco with colorful bazaars for their new discoveries. 

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Winter holidays in Asia: top 5 paradise countries for your tourists + new routes

As they say in the "Games of Thrones" "Winter is coming", but Intui's partners are not afraid of winter, 

because we have something hot for you - transfers for your tourists in the countries of Asia.

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Intui launched a new partner account function "Payment from the balance"

Intui implemented a payment function to the balance with the partner account.
The partner's balance of payments is formed from two sources of income: the accrued commission for reservations and money transfers for its replenishment.
On the advantages of using the new function, read in our article.

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New from Intui: FLEXI and STANDARD fares. What is it and what it is eaten with?

Intui.travel transfer strives to improve both for customers and partners.
We have taken into account your numerous wishes and present to you Flexi and Standard fares.
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Transfers to the best ski resorts for your tourists

360 km of ski runs or 12 black and 37 red? Known and noisy or cozy and secluded?

With offers of personal transfers from airports to ski resorts, on Intui Travel, you can now choose any place for your client's rest: from the airport to the mountains, to the resort, you can comfortably, even with equipment and children! Booking special transfers for skiers is opened now: personal transfers by car, equipped for skis and snowboards transportation, are ready to be booked.

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More than 300 travel agencies all over the world use White Label Intui

A year after launching the instrument called White Label Intui® was installed by 300 new partners who have built booking transfers under their own brands in their sales.

White Label is set up as a transfer booking system on partners' websites under their own logo for customers to book a transfer online as an additional service that brings 5%-9% commission to a partner. 

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Surprise your clients with a tuk-tuk transfer from Colombo Bandaranaike Airport, Sri Lanka from Intui.travel transfer

Colombo airport sri lanka tuk tuk - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox.jpg

Now your clients can start  to spend time on vacation interestingly already from the airport threshold.
An entertaining unusual trip on tuk-tuk is not only unforgettable and fascinating, but also comfortable as all transfers on Intui Travel.
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Popular summer destinations from Intui.travel transfer - "hot" travel offers for your clients.

It's July already - summer is boiling! We are glad to announce new offers of personal transfers for comfortable trip of your customers, as well as remind you about our cool features and give you some useful tips for transfers booking from Intui.travel transfer.

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New "Users" Tab - more roles and more opportunities for sales

We always improve our services for you to make it more convenient with lots of useful features.
By popular demand, we added a new "Users" tab - with huge opportunities. You have a lot of managers, accounts and you want to differentiate access, while you want to reserve the financial part and details, and reserve transfers for your agents / managers, see consolidated reservations, + IT specialists give an important technical component. 



Summer is already in full swing and every day Intui.travel adds new routes of personal transfers for a good travel or well-organized business trip for your customersMany transfer routes are added from the airports of Istanbul, Athenes, Crete Heraklion, Milan Malpensa.

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We constantly improve our service for you to make it more convenient with many useful functions.
By numerous requests, Intui.travel transfer system added new options and features.

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New feature "Additional hour" from Intui.travel transfer

We are happy to announce a new option on the Search pages for the desired transfer, as well as its further booking at Intui.travel system. Now for a booked trip, there is an opportunity to add additional hours to the main trip for you and your customers.

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Best offers of transfers for upcoming May from Intui.travel transfer

Month of May is already on its way and every day Intui.travel adds new routes of personal transfers for a good travel or well-organized business trip for your customers. A variety of transfer routes have been added from the airports of AntalyaHurghadaMilan MalpensaParis Charles de Gaulle.

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Intui.travel - the results of Travel Technology Europe 2017 exhibition 

Intui.travel participated as an axhibitor at the international show Travel Technology Europe 2017, which took place in London from 22nd to 23rd of February. At the TTE 2017 exhibition, Intui presented the latest release of our White label Customizable kit + the capabilities of powerful Smart API Wide.  


Updated Widget - simple, faster with even more new features.

Widget from Intui.travel - easy way to redirect the user directly on the landing page. The widget can be customized completely to your taste. It is a completely new two-level type + with a new search engine!

New Widget works lightning fast - it just "flying", it shows / tells and it’s loading instantly! Working with it is now even more convenient, faster and more efficient.

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Intui.travel - an exhibitor of Travel Technology Europe 2017 international show

Welcome to our stand № T84.

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Economy Shuttle from Munich Airport. New choice of transfers to ski resorts for your customers.

Group shuttle-buses from Munich Airport were added to the transfers "map" of Intui.travel. New economy choice is now available on Saturdays for your clients to such popular ski resorts like: Mayrhofen, Ischgl, Sölden , Seefeld John Tirold and Neustift im Stubaital

Choose the most suitable travel option for your customers at the lowest price with Intui.travel transfer.


White Label - customizable kit with settings & many new features in your Personal Account.

Now White Label can be customized with the color of your site and all the color settings can be made in your Personal account. Other features are available as well, you can make testings with the resolution - zoom in, zoom out and immediately see how White Label looks like in different colors.

Pick any favourite color themes that suit your site so the combintation could look more attractive and enjoyable for viewing offers by your customers. 

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Intui.travel's adaptive white label of booking private transfers is ready for set-up on your site. 

Completely new interface of search and booking Transfer is created for all devices. Everything is adaptive - search form and payment form. Desktop, tablets, smartphones - adaptive white label is usable for any devices.


Special conditions: "Install white label and get iframe 6% of remuneration instead 5%"

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We know how valuable your time is and we are constantly improving our website to make more convenient, fast and up-to-date.

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What are the benefits of dynamic package? How to generate package by transfer from airport to hotel using API

Statistics. Benefits and practical solutions with API Wide of Intui for dynamic packaging.

Full travel Package

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Plus 60 more resorts from Dalaman in Turkey, 11 cities of Ural from Koltsovo Ekaterinburg, exotic Azores and Aruba

Dalaman in Turkey, Еkaterinburg in Russia, Aruba and Azores are added to the transfer's map of Intui.travel. Private transfers are available for booking from 9 airports and 5 sea ports of Turkey. Comfortable car, selected while booking, will take you to any resort or coast of Turkey.


New routes are added to the nearest and distant cities of Ural from Koltsovo Airport Ekaterinburg.

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White label - easy to set-up and more opportunities

Recessed / Embedded white label https://partner.intui.travel/en/news_en/iframe_new_features/ allows to output transfers booking on your subdomain and under your label. It  fully allows to use  the interface of Intui.travel transfers booking - you do not need to invest in the development of the webpages. Only from 10 minutes to 1 hour - that is all you will need to install an white label on your site.

Deep links from our API light are targeting offers of transfers. Using API light recommendations, you can create deep links in a relevant way to any content.

Solution with white label + deep link https://partner.intui.travel/en/news_en/iframe_new_features/ allows user to stay on your domain! Your customer makes a booking of transfers on your site.

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Convenient innovations for Travel Agencies

27  Июня 2016 Личный кабинет тревел агентства

Take control of order from Personal account at partner.intui.travel

Review, edit, cancel, print out voucher with or without price and make new ones just in one click - all of that created for agencies at Intui.travel.

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700  cities of the world are opened for booking private transfers

25  Июня 2016

In Miami, in cities of Croatia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Cambodia you can book a transfer from airport to hotel, to villa or sea port!


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Luxury class car models for a transfer’s trip

19th May 2016

Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Silver Spur, Mercedes S-class, BMW 7series, Audi A8, Jaguar XJS, limousines - luxury private transfer models for your customers on a holiday or business trip are now available for booking on Intui.travel

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New possibilities in API Light

15th April 2016

Dear partners!
In recent months we have received from you a lot of letters with requests and suggestions for improvement of our affiliate program. We assure you that none of them did not go unnoticed! We present our innovations in API version Light, available to each of our partner after the registration in the Affiliate Program.

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New routes on Intui.travel

13 april 2016

33 cities for a day - this is the rate of addition of new routes of transfers.

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Intui.travel - the results of the exhibition ITB Berlin 2016

01 april 2016

Intui.travel held a presentation of their services in the largest international tourist exhibition ITB 2016, which was held in Berlin from 9 to 13 March in a large fairgrounds of Messe Berlin.

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The benefits and advantages of transfers from Intui.travel

22 january 2016

The benefits and advantages of transfers from Intui.travel

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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

25 december 2015

We wish you achieve new heights in tourism!

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API Wide - more opportunities for earnings from Intui.travel

11 december 2015

We are glad to announce that Intui.travel extend the functionality of API, provided in the affiliate program. Allow your visitors to search, book, edit and cancel transfers directly to your site!

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News routes and winter season with Intui.travel!

29 october 2015

In this article we will talk about the benefits and possibilities of using the product Intui-transfers

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How to monetize the site of tourism

28 october 2015

Ahead of the winter season, skiers are activated. Personal transfers on multiple routes to the most popular ski resorts are available for booking on Intui travel

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122 countries are now available for booking transfers on Intui.travel, including Georgia!

25 september 2015

122 countries (with the addition of routes in Georgia) now available for booking comfortable transfers on Intui.travel. Your client will be met and transferred from the airport by the chosen car. In Georgia, now available for booking popular destinations - from the airports of Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi.

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New routes on August Intui.travel

31 august 2015

GDS - Global Distribution System of Intui.travel, unstoppable grows. This month Intui.travel added many new carrier companies. Added thousands of new routes!

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Russia and Europe - new routes on Intui.travel

28 july 2015

We are glad to inform you that we added many new routes of Russia to the Intui.travel transfers. In addition, list of proposals on the existing European destinations also was expanded.

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Earn on the benefits of transfers from Intui.travel

16 june 2015

We'll tell you about the benefits of transfers from Intui.travel and how to use them to increase your conversions and revenue.

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New landing page for our partners!

28 may 2015

We added a new template for the landing page of the airport.

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It is possible now to edit details of transfer yourself

26 may 2015

The reservation system Intui.travel now has the ability to edit the details of the transfer. Editing free, available in two languages. Data processing is performed automatically.

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What is API and how to increase profit of your website using API 24 april 2015

API – the interface of the program or service, allows you to perform any of the pre-defined functions in it. It's very convenient to integrate the software with one another, using API.

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Affiliate Program Intui.travel transfers booking 22 april 2015

Affiliate Program to earn money by on-line sales of a transfer service. High Commission. Accounting for orders within 35 days after the last transition.

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New banners of season "Spring-Summer" 16 april 2015

Added new animated banners for season "Spring-Summer"!

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