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Intui.travel transfer, an ever-growing online booking service for transfers around the world, has significantly expanded the inventory with additional languages: 5 new languages ​​have been added to the main English and Russian languages:

  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese.

As a result of this upgrade, partners who collaborate with Intui using the API wide solution can receive product descriptions, transfers, instructions on arrival, luggage and transportation of children in the language of their audience. You can receive content through the API on one of them or on all of them

It's no secret that the conversion is much dependent on the language of the site's content: the user will prefer the description of the product in his native language to a foreign language.

Unique features of the API Intui

We remind you of the unique features available via API wide and in WhiteLabel

  • 20 types + 13 classes of vehicles
  • Meeting scheme at the Airport
  • Last Minute booking. Possibility of booking 2 hours before arrival time
  • Canceling an order through the API or in the Personal Area 48 or 120 hours before the transfer date
  • Modifying of all order details by API or via Personal account
  • Waiting for the client at the airport for up to 2 hours at no extra charge
  • Rich and detailed content. Car model, year of manufacture, interior photo, driver's photo, languages ​​spoken by the driver, water, transportation of skis, etc.

Full description of what to get via the API read here

Content in 7 languages and unique features have become an even more attractive argument for the effective use of the API Intui

Intui.travel transfer is constantly working on expanding the capabilities of the tools and API Wide offered to partners to provide their partners with more opportunities to generate additional profit.

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