Main pageNews+7 new chips in the car description for maximum ride comfort

We have expanded the description of the chips that transport companies provide.

Meet the new list:

✔ Auto with air conditioning
✔ Pets allowed
✔ Non-smoking interior
✔ Woman driver
✔ Golf bag allowed
✔ The bike is allowed for transportation
✔ Musical instruments allowed

How can this be useful for travel agents?

Find out what your customers need before the trip and offer the most comfortable transfer service to their needs.

✖ Are your tourists allergic to tobacco smoke?
✔ There is a solution! Choose a car with a non-smoking interior and a driver.

✖ Do customers take their pets on vacation and are afraid of difficulties in another country?
✔ Great! Book a car with allowed transportation of animals and the problem is solved.

✖ Maybe you plan a trip with outdoor activities on bicycles?
✔ Book! We have carriers who are happy to provide service and deliver tourists along with bicycles to their destination.

As a result, you get a commission from the services provided and grateful, loyal customers.

Where to find new chips?

1. In the vehicle description on the tab “Details about the transfer”

2. On the car reservation page


3. In the order card in the partner’s office on partner.intui


How it is useful for the API AP partners?

Display these functions in the transfer description in the "Transfer Details" section for your customers on the website.

Clients will be grateful for the possibility of booking the most suitable transfer option for them.

Where to find new chips?

This function only works for vehicle types TP2 and TS2 and is reflected in RS using the GetAvailCars method

In the response it looks like on the image below: