9 simple advices to protect yourself from getting infected with a virus on your trip


The surging COVID-19 forces many to reconsider their long-distance travel plans and stay at home. Governments close their borders to entry or make entry possible only after a 2-week quarantine. And the citizens themselves, not all are ready to go "in search of adventure" and stay at home. At home, it is easier to observe sanitary and preventive measures for infection.

What should I do if you and / or your clients can't cancel or postpone a trip, or if the desire to travel exceeds all other fears?

Below are 9 effective and easy to use measures to prevent infection with the virus during a trip:

✓if possible wash your hands with soap and water for at least 30 to 40 seconds or wipe them with an antiseptic cloth

✓avoid physical contact with other people, do not shake hands with each other when greeting, paying, and do not touch the hands of the recipient of the payment

✓use your items (pens, phone..) do not take from others and do not give your own

✓treat the surfaces of items you use with an antiseptic solution

do not touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth)

✓for personal hygiene use disposable wipes and discard used ones immediately

respect others-if you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue

✓upon arrival, change the clothes you were wearing during the trip as soon as possible, put them in a bag and wash them, or at least leave your outer clothing in the hallway, do not bring it into the rooms and do not put it in the shared wardrobe

try to keep your distance from others, choose less crowded places for your location, and reduce the time you spend in crowded places

In order for you and/ or your clients to leave the airport as soon as possible upon arrival, a personal transfer will help you - a pre-booked car is already waiting for you in the Parking lot, you are met at the arrival area or meeting place. Clear instructions "how to find" are always in the voucher.

Transport companies one after another to inform Driver about preventive measures on the ground. The driver is given Shoe covers and antiseptic sprays and solutions. The driver regularly handles his hands. The car is regularly sanitized once a day and more often. In the car, passengers can use hand sanitizers during the trip.

We hope that you will get acquainted with the virus only in the news, and all your trips in the near and more distant future will take place and go well!

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