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The well-known issue with other transfer providers 
- In order to pass through the integration process, OTA / TA / Metasearch will need to spend many hours of IT professionals for development, to combine (make matching) their geo-location (resorption) with  hotel base.
Benefits with Solutions of Intui:
With Intui this is not required, we already have Unique Algorithms + Big Data and we know where the hotel is located and who of the Carrier companies serves that location.
- Our Advantages for B2C:  We find & offer relevant transfer to Any point of arrival & Any place of staying.
- Our Advantages for B2B:  We solve the problem with missing link in Travel chain: between Airports / Hotels / Train stations &  e.t.c,  by  providing  a relevant Data & Real transfer service. 
We work with geo-coordinates - immediately and instantly we give the response with the transfer to the Geo-point from the Transport node with the IATA code or from the Geo-coordinate:


With API Wide from Intui, it is possible to receive transfer for dynamic package in 1 request:

Flight + Hotel  + Transfers. Targeted offer of transfers in the package to airplane flight with PAX capacity, choice of car models, with already calculated boarding time to the airport – all of that will be automatically offered.
With competitors, it is necessary to maintain, update, synchronize databases, and with Intui - simple, fast and relevant integration - competitors have a whole chain of coincidences - which has to be pre-indexed.
With Intui the Solution is flexible, simple and global.
Time for Integration



Big Data with offers / prices to exact points of destination
Competitors operate on areas and prices to districts & make a bid for a kilometre.
At the same time, our clever algorithm provides more accurate prices and it is always cheaper.
Intui algorithm analyzes big data of suppliers and provide the rates in the right way.
- An example how Intui operates with Big Data of routes VERSUS other transfer suppliers:
Coverage difference from Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport



Due to the high density of routes, Intui.travel provides exact and relevant prices to the spots!

Via API of Intui we ship (transfer) routes to 9 457 places from Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport!
NONE of the Competitors can do that!
Rich Inventory
What offer the competitors? - The competitors only offer to choose a vehicle class & transfer type.
Intui offers different and SO MUCH more:
  • choosing any vehicle brand / model, year of manufacture
  • languages ​​that driver speak
  • additional vehicles features like detailed terms & conditions, instructions & schemes for upon arrival / departure for customers
  • solutions for international traveler, without Compulsory connection to the Internet in roaming.
  • All of that, Intui offers to B2C customers & by API for B2B customers as well. 
  • Intui provides tailor made booking with high quality service in advance, and it is valuable and increasingly popular for customers - rather than just getting to the place of staying:



Our Numbers for the 1st of June 2017:

- Coverage of 145 countries, 32 965 cities and 4 500 airports, harbor and railway stations.
- Intui has wide API - API of Intui.travel provides transfers from only reliable licensed transport companies which are more than 5 000
- 1 API = 6 000 000 relevant transfers to any Hotel, Villa or place of staying
- 97% of clients are satisfied by Intui service
       - We have direct contracts and therefore low prices in 138 countries.
       - Embedding, assortment, choice of the brand of cars and the availability of shuttles.
       - We offer a global & easy solution for integration transfers, Huge API capabilities
       - Transfers for A / p, for railway, for Hotels, or for packages, and Transfer as an independent product in no time
       - Technological component, Intui API and our Big data, unique algorithms allow to save hours on IT integration and make it quickly and seamlessly
We hope that all the details above will make your decision & choice to cooperate with us - Intui.travel transfer. 
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Always ready for cooperation, Anton Akhtyamov

Key Account Manager of Intui.travel transfer Affiliate program