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Intui is a high-tech platform for booking transfers.

The leading role in the tools for b2b partners deservedly takes API wide, and below we will tell you about its main advantages over competitors.

The problem of other providers of transfers:

-  to integrate with competitors, you will need hundreds of hours of IT  specialists to their geo-location with the hotel base.

- with competitors you will have to maintain, update, synchronize databases

Solution from Intui:

API wide with a unique algorithm and Big Data, with seamless integration without database matching and minimal time spent on development.

We work with geo-coordinates - immediately and instantly we give the answer with the transfer to the Geo-point from the Transport node by the IATA code or from the Geo-coordinate:

- for B2C: We accurately find and offer a relevant transfer to Any point of arrival and to Any destination.
- for B2B: We solve the problem of missed link in the Travel chain: between Airports / Hotels / Train stations, etc., providing relevant data & real transfer services.

With us the prices are more accurate! At competitors all city / area - any point under one price.
With us, offers will be more profitable and win-win for you and your customers.

  • If you have a hotel booking website, then you can offer relevant transfer directly to the booked hotel in cross / post sale. DestinationPointToMAirport function finds all possible transfers to the GPS-coordinates of the hotel.
  • If you are selling air tickets - offer to your customers the relevant transfer from / to the airport, relevant bought tickets. To get transfers by airport code, just use the DestinationAirportToMPoint function.
  • If you design a dynamic package and  need a transfer between the hotel and the airport, use the function GetAvailCars with method IG. It will return in one step the list of available transfers between the airport and the GPS-coordinates of the hotel / villa / apartment.

The API allows you to get ...

  • Wide opportunities! Booking, editing and cancellation of orders
  • Simple and multi-modal solutions! From the airport the client will be delivered to the pier, then by ferry, and again on a comfortable sedan will be delivered to the hotel doors
  •  Choice for the price! From economical shuttle bass to luxury cars
  • 18 currencies for payment: РУБ, EUR, USD, GPB, ADE, etc.
  • Instructions and vouchers for customers in 7 languages: ENG, DE, RU, FR, CN, ES, IT

We offer something that others do not have!

  • 20 types and 13 classes of vehicles
  • Modifying of all order details
  • Canceling an order through the API or in the Personal Account for 24 or 48, or 120 hours before the date of transfer
  • Waiting for the client at the airport for up to 2 hours without extra charge
  • Last Minute booking. Possibility of booking 2 hours before arrival time

... more rich and extremely detailed content:

  • Specific brand of car
  • Year of manufacture of a car
  • Car photo
  • Interior car photo
  • Photo of the driver
  • Languages spoken by the driver
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ability to transport skis
  • Vehicles adapted for people with disabilities
  • Drinking water
  • Game consoles for kids and bonuses
  • Detailed customer instructions in 7 langs


Intui has attractive prices, large coverage in 145 countries, easy integration of transfers and relevance to demand

API Wide documentation is available for review in your personal account after registration with the Affiliate program.


Below is a comparative table of features API Light and API Wide:

  API Light API Wide
Getting transfers to Hotels, Villas, Apartments  
Getting transfers by a code Airport, Railway station, the Harbor, the Bus station  
Getting transfers in a Dynamic package in 1 step  
Getting transfers in Metasearch (use to p.2.2+p.2.4)  
18 currencies for payment
Content in 7 languages
Getting transfers only by Shuttle-basses  
Getting only Personal transfers  
Payment on Intui.travel payment gateway
Payment on your payment gateway  
Getting landing url by code of airport
Getting landing url by GPS coordinates
Getting information about available vehicles on the route  
Book transfers  
Amend orders  
Cancel orders  
Possibility of an extra margin  


You can view API Wide documentation in your personal account.


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