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Very soon the spring school holidays, and hence - an excellent occasion for a family holiday! In this regard, the question arises among many who are interested in going to all from small to large. Today we have gathered the most popular amusement parks from around the world and made sure that your tourists can reach easily and quickly them from the nearest transport hub on a special Intui.travel transfer.

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Transfer services to amusement parks are carefully organized and painted, operate at fixed, competitive prices, which include luggage, fare on toll roads and tips. Your customers may not be afraid of disruption or increase in value.

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Disneyland, Paris


The dream of all children and adults, the most visited and large-scale amusement park in the world - Disneyland Paris. Is it possible to offer a more wonderful place to relax with your family? The park is located on the square, which could be enough for the construction of a small town. It is divided into "quarters", with shops and attractions: Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Park, and Disney Village. Children find here all their favorite characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald, Peter Pan, as well as new characters from the latest films and new attractions. Those who are older will be able to have fun, going on a space trip to Space Mountain or riding an Indiana Jones train. Guests can come by families and stay overnight in a separate hotel, attend dinner-shows and spend the whole day at the attractions. The park includes the following zones:

1 Adventureland is the most visited part of the park. It is here that the attraction "Indiana Jones Hill" with a triple dead loop in the opposite direction, "Robinson Tree" with a house on top and a huge ship from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".

2 Frontierland is represented in the style of the Wild West. There are whole cities with taverns, Indians, cowboys and gold diggers.

3 MainStreet USA, or Main Road USA, built in the style of the early twenties of the 19th century. There are many restaurants and cafes, decorated in retro style. Be sure to check out the Main Road to pamper your loved ones with souvenirs and look into the booths with instant photos.

4 Discoveryland is a Country of Discoveries, famous for its Space Mountain rides. This is a roller coaster, built on the book of the magical world of Jules Verne. In the center of the park, be sure to visit the show-musical "The Legend of the Lion King".

5 Fantasyland favorite place for the youngest visitors, but only here you can take pictures with all the famous heroes of fairy tales.

Disneyland Paris is open for visits all year round, but the best time for arrival is late spring or first half of autumn. In the summer holidays for schoolchildren, so at this time a high flow of visitors and queues for rides are simply huge. Most of the people in the park are on the weekend, so if you have your time, then it is best to visit Disneyland on a weekday, ideally if it is Tuesday or Wednesday. Attractions open at 10 am, and the park itself an hour earlier. On Christmas and Halloween, Disneyland works late, and it is during these days that the most spectacular parades of the characters of Disney cartoons are held.

Disneyland Paris is located in the distant suburbs of Paris - in the town of Marne-la-Vale, which is 43 km from the city. Quick confirmation, courteous drivers and final prices without hidden fees - all for a comfortable stay with transfers from Intui.travel transfer.

Getting to / from Disneyland, Paris:


1 Paris city center - at Disneyland Paris | from 80 EUR (in demand)


2 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport - Disneyland Paris | from 18 EUR


3. Paris Orly Airport - Disneyland Paris | from 21 EUR


4 Beauvais Til Paris Airport - Disneyland Paris | from 47 EUR


5 Paris Train Station North - Paris Disneyland | from 78 EUR


6 Paris Train Station Lyon - Paris Disneyland | from 67 EUR


7 Paris Train Station Montparnasse - Paris Disneyland | from 86 EUR


8 Austerlitz railway station in Paris - Disneyland Paris | from 67 EUR


9 Paris Train Station Saint Lazare - Paris Disneyland | from 68 EUR


10 East Railway Station of Paris - Disneyland Paris | from 86 EUR




Europa Park, Germany


Europe Park is the second busiest park in Europe after Disneyland in Paris. The scale is truly impressive: 95 hectares with more than 100 attractions. If you come to Europa Park, in search of fun, excitement and adventure, you will not be disappointed! For many years, the park holds a brand; there is everything that could be desired by children and adults, couples in love, friends. What does this giant offer? A sensational combination of rides with a high level of adrenaline, thought-out thematic areas, beautiful parks, and about 23 hours of shows, including a children's theater and a variety of species every day. In this madness of fun, there is no limit to imagination. The Euro Mouse statue, the park's mascot, welcomes tourists before entering. Inside the resort is divided into thematic zones, reflecting Europe, they collected more than 100 attractions and events that will exceed all expectations. The amazing roller coaster Silver Star, which is the second largest in Europe, and the giant wooden Wodan-Timbur Coaster, which rushes at a speed of more than 100 km / h, wild rapids, water slides and a loop. The roller coaster promises a lot of fun and excitement. No less exciting is the flight simulator, 4D cinema, and other interactive attractions. Food in one of the theme restaurants of the park is also part of this European "experiment." In addition to attractions, guests of the Europa-park are waiting for numerous costumed performances. In Spain, you will be pleased with the knightly tournament, in Venice - carnival, in Russia - Puppet Theater on the open stage. There are also seasonal events: in the autumn, for example, the grand festival Terenzi Horror Nights is held, timed to celebrate Halloween. From late November to early January, the park turns into a winter wonderland with many winter attractions on the eve of Christmas and New Year. Europa-Park is the number one theme park in Germany and a universal platform for thrills and fun - you will want to come back again and again!

To get to the city of Rust, where the park is located, will help transfer from Intui - fast, comfortable and reliable.


Getting to / from Europa Park:


11 Baden-Baden district of the city center - Rust (Evaropapark) | from 116 EUR (in demand)


12 Munich district of the city center - LEGOLAND amusement park | from 247 EUR (in demand)


13 Karlsruhe Airport - Rust (Evaropapark) | from 111 EUR


14 Stuttgart Airport - Rust (Evaropapark) | from 232 EUR




PortAventura World, Spain


If you crave action, adventure and excitement, the theme park of the PortAventura World resort in Salou should be your first berth! PortAventura World is filled with exciting attractions and terrific shows for the whole family.

Set in five unique continental zones, the park offers a wide variety of attractions for all ages, as well as an excellent selection of hotels, bars and restaurants on their territory. Regardless of whether you are looking for small cups or slides for older people, no one offers such excitement as PortAventura World.

In PortAventura World there is much more than just a theme park, there are four hotel complexes: one directly in the park, all with their own restaurants and bars, to enjoy a relaxing meal and a glass of wine after an exciting day at the attractions. The complex Port Aventura, built near the true Mediterranean fishing villages along the southern coast of Catalonia, has two outdoor pools, four restaurants and seven bars serving a variety of local and international dishes.

From Reus Airport to PortAventura World Park, fifteen minutes’ drive. The ideal start to a family vacation will be a trip in a comfortable transfer from Intui. Polite drivers, clean cars and additional services will help to concentrate on the main thing - rest.


Getting to / from PortAventura World:


15 Barcelona city center area - Salou | from 224 EUR (in demand)


16 Valencia City Center - Port Aventura | from 340 EUR (in demand)


17 Reus airport - Salou | from 48 EUR


18 Barcelona Airport - Salou | from 167 EUR


19 Train station of Frank Barcelona - Salou | from 247 EUR


20 Port of Barcelona - Salou | from 240 EUR


21 Barcelona Sant Train Station - Salou | from 240 EUR


22 Girona airport - Salou | from 240 EUR


23 Valencia airport - Salou | from 361 EUR



Universal Studios, Singapore


A great place to spend a whole day not only for children but also for adults. A lot of activities and entertainment are guaranteed. Universal Studios Singapore covers an area of ​​20 hectares, occupying the most eastern part of the World Sentosa resorts. 24 attractions, of which 18 are original or specially adapted for the park. The park consists of seven thematic zones that surround the lagoon. Each zone is based on a blockbuster or television show, which presents its unique attractions, character performances, restaurants and shopping areas, namely New York, Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, Far Far Away, Madagascar, The Lost World, and Sci-Fi City. The park features the world's highest hovering podiums, which are based on the popular TV series "Battlestar Galactica"; a castle from the world of Shrek and Monster Rock, a live musical show featuring Universal Monsters.

Universal Studios Singapore has more than 30 restaurants and food stalls, as well as 20 unique shops located around the park. Must try when visiting Universal Studios: Transformers Ride, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Revenge of the Mummy, Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster, Madagascar Boat Ride, Water World, Shrek 4D and Lights, Camera & Action with Steven Spielberg. If you buy Universal Express Pass for an additional cost, you do not have to stand in long queues, which will save time to visit more rides.

The road from Changi airport to the park takes about 40 minutes by private car and 90 minutes by public transport. Using the transfer from Intui, you do not have to stand in queues for public transportation or pay tips to the driver, all Intui transfer prices are final, without hidden commissions.


Getting to / from Universal Studios, Singapore:


24 Singapore Changi Airport - Singapore City Center | from 27 EUR


25 Pier/cruise center Singapore - Singapore City center | from 27 EUR


26 Port Marina Bay Cruise Center - Singapore City Center | from 27 EUR



Water World, Cyprus


The magnificent eastern coast of Cyprus certainly boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. When it comes to family vacations, it is worthwhile to take yourself and your family off the deckchair and visit one of the most talked about places in Cyprus: WaterWorld Themed Waterpark. This is one of the largest thematic water parks in the whole of Europe - an impressive feat, to say the least. Its themes are the gods of ancient Greece and the heroes of ancient legends. All attractions of the water park are named after legendary heroes, gods of Olympus, mythical creatures and stylized according to some famous mythical event associated with them. You can spend here all day without boredom, with more than 25 water slides and attractions for the whole family! Suitable for young couples and families with both large and small children. A large number of slides sprays for children. Everything is comfortable and safe. Having more than 100 rescuers, carefully watching the attractions, games and swimming pools, there is always someone who will help in the event of an accident. Water quality is also checked daily. On some slides, children are allowed only when a certain growth is achieved. On the territory of the water park, there are cafes and restaurants with kitchens of different directions, everyone can find a dish to taste and a purse. When planning a trip to Water World, take advantage of the timely and comfortable transfer from Intui.


Getting to / from Water World:


27 Larnaca Airport - Ayia Napa / Nissi Bay | from 16 EUR


28 Paphos Cyprus airport - Ayia Napa / Nissi Bay | Starting at 123 EUR




Tivoli Gardens, Denmark


The Tivoli Amusement Park is located in the city center near the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. With 4.6 million visitors in 2016, Tivoli is the second most popular seasonal attraction in the world after Europa-Park. Tivoli is the most visited theme park in Scandinavia and the fifth most visited theme park in Europe, located just behind Disneyland Park (Disneyland Paris), Europe Park, Walt Disney Studios Park and Efteling. Tivoli is one of the oldest and most famous entertainment centers in Europe; it was opened in the distant 1843. There are no super-modern attractions, but it has a fabulous atmosphere. In Tivoli, you can ride on old roundabouts, feed fish in a picturesque lake and admire the flowers, and for fans of extreme sports, there will be roller coasters. The park is known for its wooden roller coaster Rutschebanen, or, as some people call it, Bjergbanen (The Mountain Coaster), built in 1914. It is one of the oldest wooden attractions in the world, which still works. The park will be comfortable for everyone, elderly, and young, for everyone there is entertainment to your liking.

In addition to attractions, Tivoli Gardens also serve as a venue for various performances in Copenhagen.

Tivoli can be a great place for family holidays. Begin the holiday correctly help transfer from Intui: they are carefully organized, the prices already include luggage, fare on toll roads and tips.


Getting to / from Tivoli:


29 Copenhagen Airport - Copenhagen Center | from 86 EUR


30 Copenhagen Central Train Station - Copenhagen Center | from 80 EUR


31 Copenhagen port - Copenhagen Center | from 135 EUR



Legoland, Germany

Exclusive rides, exciting shows and more than 55 million Lego bricks are waiting for families with children aged 3 to 13 years. Many things can be found in more than eight thematic areas. Anyone can be in the role of a true hero and one day become a pirate, inventor, princess, adventurer or researcher and determine your own adventure. The best way to get the most out of the diversity of this place is to ride Legoland Express. It starts at the Lego city station passing through Miniland, and all the other park themes. The Hero Factory is the must-see attraction - it is the first self-programming attraction in Germany. Guests determine in advance how fast and dynamically they will travel in the passenger robot. In total, with 10 robotic arms, 70 motions are possible on five levels, which means 1.4 billion possible combinations - the driving experience is not like the other. From a slight tingling in the stomach to the speed of the rocket or even short-term weightlessness.

People of all ages will be interested in climbing the Legoland observation tower. The panoramic cabin raises the guests to a height of 63 meters and revolves around itself. It offers a fantastic view of the park and the resort village of Legoland.

It should be noted that in the resort itself there are hotels and free minibuses for guests. You can dine at any local cafe.

Visit the amazing country of the Lego designer will be easier with the transfer Intui, which will take you and your family with comfort to the desired place.


Getting to / from Legoland, Germany:


32 Munich airport - Hansburg / Legoland | from 231 EUR


33 Baden Baden downtown - Legoland Günzburg | from 264 EUR (in demand)



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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, CDG



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Girona Airport, GRO



Valencia Airport, VLC



Singapore Changi Airport, SIN



Larnaca Airport Cyprus, LCA



Paphos Cyprus airport, PFO



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