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In the modern world, tourists are no longer attracted by well-fed Turkish beaches or friendly Italian, now the exotic rules the mood. Experienced travelers increasingly choose tropical forests with magical butterflies on the island of Mauritius or medieval buildings and small streets of Morocco with colorful bazaars for their new discoveries. To explore the "cradle of humanity" these days is simple and safe, like any of the more obvious areas of mass tourism. And so that your client does not stomp up to the ocean, in Zanzibar for example, in fins and with a suitcase, use the easy-to-install tools from Intui.travel transfer. 
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Tanzania is a country with a lot of tourist attractions. Approximately 38 per cent of the territory of Tanzania is allocated to protected areas for conservation. There are 16 national parks, 29 reserves, 40 controlled reserves and marine parks in the country. Wildlife, beaches, friendly people, fascinating cultures, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Zanzibar archipelago - Tanzania is an adventurous package for travelers.
The streets run into the plains. Hippos pushed into muddy waters. Elephants roam the seasonal migration routes, and chimps swing along the tops of trees. Throughout the country there are unprecedented opportunities to experience this natural wealth.
Zanzibar is an international airport, the third largest in Tanzania. Located 6 km south of Stone Town - a city with a huge history, one of the most famous parts of the island. Zanzibar serves domestic, international plus transcontinental flights. The infrastructure is at a high level and for the passengers the airport has everything you need: a cozy and comfortable waiting room, storage rooms, bank terminals, information kiosks, a medical center, cozy cafes and restaurants with a variety of cuisine, car rental and of course Duty Free.
The easiest, most convenient and reliable way is to order a transfer service on Intui.travel. This will make your journey from / to Zanzibar airport to such famous places as Stone Town and Kilimazu more comfortable. You do not have to wait for public transport, you will be met at the port and delivered exactly where you need it. The prices on the Intui website are final and without any commissions. Book and have a pleasant trip.



1 Zanzibar International Airport - Stone Town (Zanzibar Town) | from 10 EUR
Zanzibar is an island of the archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. Tropical climate, lush greens, snow-white beaches with clear blue water, rich life of the Indian Ocean, beautiful hotels, good service are able to give an exclusive complete rest. Not a large number of tourists will allow you to enjoy excursions to the ocean waters, and to local markets, variegated from fabrics and spices, and fishing. Isolation from the world of civilization of reserved places will allow to really "reboot" and recharge with positive emotions and energy of wild, untouched nature. Established service of beautiful hotels will allow you to disconnect from earthly troubles.
2 Zanzibar International Airport - Bwuezu | from 37 EUR
The long village of Bwejuu lies between the beach and the main tar road between Padge and Mihammi. It is usually a quiet place, beautifully shaded by palm trees, with a classic view of the east coast and with burning white sand and turquoise sea.
It is simply impossible to remain indifferent!
Kilimanjaro International Airport was opened in December 1971. Located between the two tourist and business areas of East Africa: Kilimanjaro and Arusha, and is located 46 km from the center of Kilimanjaro. The small and intimate airport of Tanzania serves both domestic and international flights. Is capable of accepting both small aircraft, and vice versa large ones, such as Boeing 747 and An-124. With an annual passenger turnover of more than 800 thousand passengers a year. Inside the airport you will find everything you need to comfortably wait for your flight and not only: free Wi-Fi, shops, currency exchange and ATMs, hotel near the airport. On Intui.travel you can pick up a transfer from Kilimanjaro airport to the destination you need: Arusha city center, Kilimanjaro National Park, Moshi city and others and book it in less than five minutes. Easy, fast and affordable. A clear interface will help you choose the best offer for yourself without spending an effort. Book and travel with pleasure.
3 Kilimanjaro International Airport - Arusha district city center | from 42 EUR
Arusha is the gateway to Tanzania in the northern chain of star national parks. It is also a large, sprawling city with all the contradictions that ensue from this.
The city offers a wonderful holiday from the harsh conditions of life on the African road - it has excellent places for living and eating, and for the most part it is lush and green, and within a year there is a mild climate due to the height (about 1300 m) and its location at the foot Mount Meru.
4 Kilimanjaro International Airport - Kilimanjaro National Park | from 47 EUR
Since its official opening in 1977, the Mt Kilimanjaro National Park has become one of the most visited parks in Tanzania. Unlike other northern parks, this is not a place for wildlife, although it is. Here come to look with delight at the snow-covered mountain on the equator and climb to the top of Africa. In the center of the park is located 5,896 m of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and one of the most magnificent sights of the continent. Kilimanjaro is also one of the highest volcanoes in the world, and it is the tallest freestanding mountain on earth. In the lower tropical forest, many animals live, including buffaloes, elephants, leopards and monkeys, and sometimes in the saddle area between Kibo and Mawenzi. Getting by is a serious (and expensive) pleasure, and it should be done only with proper preparation. There are also many opportunities to explore the lower slopes of the mountain and learn about the Masai and Chagga, the two main tribes in the area


5 Kilimanjaro International Airport - Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge | from 656 EUR
The Serengeti National Park, with an area of ​​14,763 square kilometers, is famous for its predators, especially lions. They are also hunted by cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, jackals and many others. Serengeti is also an incredible place for bird watching, and more than 500 species. Few people forgot their first meeting with the Serengeti.
Perhaps this is all the view from the top of Naabi Hill at the entrance to the park, from where the Serengeti meadows stretch, like a vision of eternity. Or maybe it's a coalition of lions chasing prey in the open plains. Or it may be an epic migration of animals that follow the ancient rhythm of African life. Be that as it may, welcome to one of the largest places to observe wildlife on earth.
6 Kilimanjaro International Airport - Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge | Starting at 516 EUR
19 km wide and with a surface of 264 sq km, Ngorongoro is one of the largest single craters in the world. Its steep walls soar 400 to 610 meters up and provide conditions for an incredible natural drama, as prey and predators graze around open grasslands, swamps and acacia forests on the bottom of the crater. There are many hippopotamuses around the beautiful picnic spot of Ngoitoktok Springs, and Lake Magadi attracts flocks of flamingos to their shallows during the rainy season. Lereal Forest (the starting point for the ascending Lereal or Lerai road) is good for elephants, of which 200 to 300 are in the crater. Predators include about 600 spotted hyenas, 55 lions and golden and black jackals. In most cases, the number of herbivorous animals, and the most common are wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and Grant's ghazals. Less often there are ellands, warthogs, harts. About 20% of wildebeest and zebras migrate annually between the crater and the serenget. Another great mystery is the chance to see a critically dangerous black rhinoceros. The park gate is open from 6 am and is closed for descent at 16:00; all vehicles must be outside the crater until 18:00. Officially allowed to stay in the crater for a maximum of six hours. To absorb the wealth of Africa is priceless!
Other routes along Kilimanjaro International Airport:
7 Kilimanjaro International Airport - Moshi district city center | from 46 EUR
8 Kilimanjaro International Airport - Tarangire Sopa Lodge | Starting at 328 EUR
9 Kilimanjaro International Airport - Lake Manyara Siren Lodge | from 218 EUR


At first glance, Mauritius looks like a close relative of the Caribbean islands. Approximately 1200 miles from the east coast of Africa, the island is surrounded by 330 kilometers of impeccable white beaches. The southern, western and eastern coasts are rich in beaches that look more than magnificent in Aruba, and in the north small bays ideal for water sports such as wind and kite surfing. Lonely Planet chose Mauritius as one of the best places to relax in 2018.
But Mauritius has many more faces. Look beyond the beaches, and you will find a trail of natural history. In the 800-meter high mountains and forests in the interior, one of the rarest animals in the world lives, travelers of naturalists will certainly appreciate this side of the island. Mauritius is also enclosed by one of the largest continuous barrier reefs in the world, so the possibilities for scuba diving on this island are on par with the Maldives.
600 years since the discovery of Mauritius, the island was a cultural sponge. The proximity to Madagascar was imprinted on it in the form of Creole cookery. The time of French rule was reflected in castles in the architecture of Mauritius, including the Château de Labourdonna, in the north. You can get to all this magnificence from the international airport of Mauritius. The distance to the capital Port Louis is about 48 km and about 45 minutes by car. To overcome this distance is best booking a comfortable transfer from Intui.



10 Mauritius International Airport - Bel Mare | from 25 EUR
Hotel Belle Mare has a beautiful white sandy beach. The coastal road, which follows large sections of white sand from Palmar to Trou d'Ouvas, descends to the Grand Port directly by the sea and ends at the village of Mahebourg.
On weekends and public holidays, locals flock to the beach in Belle Mare, making it an excellent place to meet people in Mauritius and discover their culture. For more adventurous tourists there are parachute jumps that will give a magnificent view from a bird's eye view above the turquoise lagoon.
11 Mauritius International Airport - Rosh Noire | from 38 EUR
The public beach of Roches Noires extends to the Poste Lafayette, an excellent place for fishing and alfresco dining. These are two very popular resorts, especially in the warmer months, as the sea breeze there blows almost all year round, making it an ideal place for kite surfing and windsurfing. Athletes will appreciate such water activities.
12 Mauritius International Airport - Flick En Flac | from 37 EUR
If your tourist wants to relax on the beach, catch a tan and meet friendly locals, Flic en Flac - this is what you need. With its white beaches bordered by Casuarina trees, this is a popular place for beach entertainment on weekends such as snorkeling and diving, as well as a wide selection of bungalows for rent. When tired of soaking up the sun, there are many restaurants to choose from, as well as vibrant nightlife. When the moon is full, the starry sky is clear, and the rain "walks" over the ocean far on the horizon, you can see a tiny white moon rainbow over the sea.
13 Mauritius International Airport - Tamarin | from 38 EUR
Mauritius International Airport - Black River | from 42 EUR
Tamarin and the Black River were once simple villages inhabited by locals and fishermen, but today they are completely different. Despite the fact that it has been converted by many luxury villas, shopping centers and restaurants, Tamarin Bay remains a popular surfing spot, with a long left reef and 10-foot swells.
Part of the cultural landscape, Tamarin's salt pans are a unique place to visit. Due to the dry conditions of this area, Tamarin is an ideal place for salt production. The bay of the Black River combines with deep-sea fishing boats, skippers of which are professional fishermen, who gave their lives to the sea. You can try to get your hand on fishing and maybe lucky to catch marlin or tuna.
14 Mauritius International Airport - Le Morne | from 42 EUR
Mount Le Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a landmark in the severe slave period in Mauritius.
Protected by isolated wooded and almost inaccessible mountain cliffs, fugitive slaves formed small settlements in caves and on the top of Le Morne. Marooning traditions have made Le Morne a symbol of the struggle of slaves for freedom, their suffering and sacrifice, all of which are relevant to the countries from which the slaves came - to the mainland of Africa, Madagascar, India and South-East Asia.
Other destinations in Mauritius:
15 Mauritius International Airport - Mont Choisy | from 38 EUR
16 Mauritius International Airport - Port Louis Port | from 37 EUR
17Maurice International Airport - Blue Bay | from 23 EUR



Cape Verde


Cape Verde consists of 10 islands floating in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 kilometers from the coast of Senegal. They are still quite new on the journey, but with their beaches outside of this world and a brisk surf, they quickly make a name for themselves.
Whichever island you choose for your tourist's trip, here you should expect an alloy from different cultures. The Portuguese originally discovered Cape Verde, so there is a mixture of African, Brazilian and Portuguese influences. All this is felt in his music, the fashion of the island and distinctly in food.
Boa Vista (Rabil) airport is located 5km from the city of Boa Vista. To get to Boa Vista, you can use public transportation, but complications may occur. High probability that if you choose public transport, yes, it is cheaper than an individual transfer and a taxi, but it is not worth hoping for any comfort with luggage. The best solution is to use the transfer from Intui.travel transfer and safely start the journey.



18 Boa Vista (Rabil) airport - Royal Decameron Boa Vista | from 22 EUR
Located in Boa Vista, this beachfront hotel is near Praia da Chave. Guests can also find regional attractions, such as Praia de Santa Monica, located nearby. This hotel offers a wide range of services, including a full-service spa, 2 outdoor pools, a health club and a spa tub. Business travelers can also take advantage of the business center and meeting facilities that are available at this hotel. All rooms are spacious and offer a writing desk and other amenities to ensure their comfort. Guests can also start their day off with a complimentary breakfast that is offered each morning.
19 Boa Vista (Rabil) airport - Praia de Salines | from 20 EUR
The famous sunsets of Cape Verde are located exactly on Praia de Salines. Magic and bewitching, intoxicating and intoxicating is not a complete list of emotions from this spectacle. Local residents of course have long been accustomed to such beauty, but tourists are demolishing social networks with their photos from these places in the rays of a dying fireball in the horizon. Take the camera to watch out for the most gorgeous photos of your travels.
Other offers from / from Boa Vista (Rabil) airport:
20 Boa Vista (Rabil) airport - Santa Monica (Boavista) | from 50 EUR
21 Boa Vista (Rabil) airport - Praia de Chávez | from 20 EUR
22 Sal International Airport - Murdeira | from 18 EUR
Murdeira is a village on the island of Sal, Cape Verde. The village is located on the west coast, about halfway along the main motorway of the island, linking the island capital of Espargos and Santa Maria. Initially, Murdeira was a small settlement mainly of farmers and fishermen. Beginning in the late 1990s, a large private enterprise led to the creation of a seaside tourist village in the region called "Aldeamento Turístico da Murdeira", which grew in constant population, as houses were gradually bought, mainly by local residents and some foreigners. In the modern world, this is a great place for tourists who like leisurely and measured rest.
Other offers from / to Sal International Airport:
23 Sal International Airport - Club Hotel Riu Funana | from 20 EUR
24 Sal International Airport - Morabeza Hotel | from 20 EUR
25 San Pedro airport - Foya Branca | from 44 EUR
If your tourist prefers a little more privacy, then this beach resort provides one of the few alternatives to the island. Very convenient in terms of location to the airport, there are many options for on-site activities, as well as recreation, either around the pools, or on what may be the best beach of San Vicente.
On weekends, the hotel becomes noticeably busier, as locals come to enjoy a beach holiday.
26 San Pedro Airport - Mindelo | from 44 EUR
https://www.intui.travel/transfer/kabo-verde/san_pedro_airport_- san_visente-/mindelo/
The cultural capital of Cape Verde lies on the Bay of Porto Grande, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The city was only the last to be permanently inhabited from nine inhabited islands, but today Mindelo is the second largest city in the country after the capital, Praia. Mindelo was the birthplace of Queen Cape Verde of Caesar Evora. The city receives visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the traditional songs of Cape Verde, such as Morna and Coladeira. The city's annual carnival is the largest in the country and turns the city into "Brazil" (small Brazil) for a week, attracting more and more painters from around the world.
Bright sunny Egypt, a country of ancient relics and legendary pharaohs ... For centuries travelers have traveled the length of the longest river in the world, finding unexpected sights of river life that are as captivating as tombs and temples. There is nothing predictable. In one minute you can admire a lonely fisherman, who slowly rowing home, his oars cut clean water. The next moment a couple of teenagers have already pulled out their speedboat against your cruise ship and throws sacks of scarves and through your window they are shooing you in the hope of selling them.
Tourism in Egypt is set on a broad footing, but, oddly enough, transport here still remains the biggest problem. In Egyptian cities, it is better not to get on public transport - buses and trams. They are crowded at any time of the day, and air conditioners in city buses are not always provided. Also the situation with the taxi is also deplorable: in yellow cars there are usually no air-conditioners, and drivers of such cars absolutely do not aspire to observe speed limits. There are trains between cities, but there is also a chance to get into a car with a broken ventilation system or with hard seats. Intercity buses are often comfortable, with air conditioning, but because of the very high accidents tourists are not recommended to use them. The roads here are in excellent condition, but here the rules are not followed even by public transport drivers.
What should a tourist do to travel around Egypt? Order a transfer in advance - the easiest way out! It is possible to choose the route and brand of the car, to clarify whether there are air conditioners and wi-fi in the car. If traveling by group, then choose mini-vans or whole buses. The transfer company undertakes to wait for the tourist in the specified place at the specified time, so in time and comfortably you can reach the airport / station / hotel. A booked transfer service at Intui is a guarantee that the traveler arrives on time on time, comfortably and at a clearly agreed upon price. The following are possible transfers in Egypt.



27 Cairo Airport - Hotels in Cairo | from 21 EUR
After cultural tours, you can go on a cruise along the Nile on the felucca, watch the representatives of the local wildlife in the Wadi Diglator desert park or visit the main Egyptian theme parks of Dream Park and Magic Land, where Egyptian television studios are located.
In the evening in Cairo you can taste delicious local cuisine - falafel and ful (bean paste). Must try Turkish coffee. In the city there are hundreds of hookah bars, and in all major hotels in Cairo there are bars with alcoholic beverages.
28 Cairo Airport - Pyramids of Cairo | from 23 EUR
Founded by ancient civilization, Cairo is a huge metropolis around the Nile. Its scale is amazing (especially when flying over the city to Cairo airport) - get ready in advance. Your starting point is undoubtedly the pyramids of Giza. Although the time of the pharaohs has long since passed, their ambitious projects - the pyramids, the Sphinx and the Sun Rooks - stand in all greatness.
29 Cairo Airport - Heliopolis | from 15 EUR
The Egyptian Museum presents an amazing exhibition of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including valuable finds from the tomb of Tutankhamun in Luxor. Very close to Tahrir is the huge square and center of the Egyptian revolution in 2011.
The city's east is Islamic Cairo with the 9th century Ibn Tulun Mosque, the Al-Azar Mosque (the oldest university in the world) and the bazaar of Khan el-Khalili, where it is necessary to negotiate a little. The citadel with the elegant mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha is located on a hill with a panoramic view of the city.
Airport "Darou" is located 16 km from the Egyptian city of Aswan. This is a fairly small building with a minimum of comfort. It is strongly recommended not to change money here - the rate is simply sky-high. The only way to get out of here is to hire a taxi, there's simply no public transport here. If you have already thought out your route to the place of rest, you certainly appreciated all the advantages of the transfer order: you will be met immediately upon arrival and you will go without rest to rest. Intuy offers you to choose a car. Even if you come to Egypt a big company, it's not a problem - just order a group transfer. Relaxing with children? You will be provided with child seats (there is no such service for Egyptian taxi drivers). Pay for the transfer service is convenient: the price you know in advance and money at the airport will not have to change. If you order a transfer to Aswan airport, then on the day of departure you will not have any unnecessary problems with the road: the ordered car will pick you up from the hotel in advance, as well as the hotels of Lusora and Aswan, and on time will deliver to the airport. Have a nice trip!
30 Aswan Airport (ASW) - Abu Simbel | from 82 EUR
Abu Simbel is a village located 280 km south of Aswan and just 40 km north of the Sudanese border. This is a very small settlement, in which very few attract visitors, except for the large temples for which it is famous. Few tourists linger for more than a few hours, although there are 5 hotels to attract visitors to stay overnight.
31 Aswan Airport (ASW) - Luxor Hotels | from 126 EUR
Luxor is often called the largest open-air museum in the world, but it does not describe the description of this unusual place anywhere. Nothing in the world can compare with the scale and grandeur of the monuments preserved from the ancient Thebes.
The environment is amazingly beautiful, the Nile flows between the modern city and the necropolis of the western shore, backed by a mysterious Theban slope. Scattered through the landscape is the embarrassment of wealth, from the temples of Karnak and Luxor in the east to many tombs and temples on the west bank.
The wealth and power of Thebes, legendary in antiquity, began to attract Western travelers from the end of the 18th century. Depending on the political situation, today's traveler can be alone in sight or be surrounded by tourists from around the world. Whatever it was, a little planning will help you make the most of the magic of Thebes.
32 Aswan Airport (ASW) - Luxor Port | from 104 EUR
The port of Luxor is the gateway to tourists in the history of ancient Egypt. Cruise port Luxor is located a few miles from the city of Safaga, and to Luxor - 3 hours drive from Safaga. When traveling by local buses, be aware that there will be an armed guard on board. In addition to the ancient historic area of ​​Luxor, this area is home to numerous resorts and is known as the Riviera on the Red Sea. The beaches are known for their untouched beauty and black sand. The water is very rich in minerals. Surfer will be glad to have a good wave surfing here.
Other routes in Egypt:
33 Alexandria Borg Hel Arab Airport (HBE) - Burj El Arab Square | from 224 EUR
34 Asyut International Airport (ATZ) - Asyut district city center | from 287 EUR
35 Sharm El Sheikh Airport - Sharks Bay | from 10 EUR



Morocco is one of the most "civilized" countries in North Africa. Here the Arabian flavor is not spoiled by an excellent European service. In Morocco you can enjoy great beaches, admire the ancient castles, magnificent mosques and mausoleums, plow the expanse of the ocean on a board. Morocco is the gateway to Africa and a country with a dizzying variety. Here you will find epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, wide deserts and warm hospitality. The enjoyment of Morocco begins with a relaxed national pastime - people are staring at the sides of a street coffee shop with coffee or mint tea in their hands. Use the opportunity to plan your next steps - climb to the highest peak in North Africa, learn to ride a couscous, ride a camel in the desert, shop in bitches or get lost in the medina. Between events, you can sleep in boutique riads, relax on panoramic terraces and grand squares and inhale finely seasoned Taji.
For fans of exotics and wealthy citizens, you can offer the purchase of a real camel and travel around Morocco slowly, but it is very important :) There is a lot of car rental in Moroccan cities, but most of the time tourists get very old cars and for a large fee. Even if the office has a patent for this type of activity, it does not mean that high-quality services are provided here. To resolve transport issues in Morocco, you can pre-order a transfer. You independently select the brand and class of the car, specify the number of passengers and baggage. In the right place the reserved transport will meet you and your group and with comfort and in time will take you to the airport / hotel / hotel, etc. Transfer services are provided at clear rates, you will not spend extra money on tips and commissions.



36 Agadir Airport - Agadir Center | from 6 EUR
On the border of Africa and the Atlantic Ocean is located Agadir. City of the sun, city-beach. Sandy beach more than 10 km with a gentle descent, golden sand, more than 300 sunny days a year, a comfortable climate (air temperature in winter +20, summer +26, maximum +30) and the waters of the Atlantic made Agadir the main resort of Morocco. Well-equipped beaches, well-established hotel services, safe airports, and even "non-European" prices can well make Agadir a favorite on the list of places for a relaxing holiday. Although it is not quite possible to "lie down" the rest, excursions to the eastern bazaars as from the fairy tale about Aladdin and, not so far located Marrakesh, will certainly beckon you. And do not deny yourself the impression! It will be one of the most fabulous.
Benevolent residents, tolerant of European culture, refer to tourists with hospitality and, at the same time, not intrusive. Airports and streets are safe. Prospectuses are clean and green. In Agadir, there are a lot of night clubs and discos that are popular with young people. A huge selection of entertainment from surfing and golf to equestrian sport and thalassotherapy. Try it, open it! Agadir, it's like a sink, which everyone on the beach was thought to be wiped and not noticeable. In this shell you will find a pearl that can bring you joy from an excellent rest!
37 Agadir Airport-Marrakech City | from 107 EUR
Marrakech is one of the few cities in Morocco that reliably preserved the culture and customs of Moroccans in everyday life, and not only in museums. Located in the center of Morocco, surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, the city attracts both residents of this country from other regions, and so many tourists. Narrow streets, it seems, can hardly hold cars and people scurrying back and forth.
Existence and without the comment of guides he narrates about his rich history. "Red city" - so translates its name, and it confirms the transformation of the city's appearance into red tones during the sunset.
The main attractions of the city are concentrated in its Old part. Jem El Fna - the central square in Marrakech, here you will get acquainted with the main entertainments: fakirs show their skills, snake charmers their skill, the girls impose the whimsical patterns of henna. If you stay until the evening, then you will have the opportunity to taste not an expensive dinner from Moroccan cuisine. All the action on the square is a march to the marvelous theater, and one can not even believe that this is the everyday life of the Moroccans. Not far from the square is the most popular market - "Aladdin's Lamp" is an antiques market, and the most suitable place for buying a unique souvenir. In Marrakech, there are many markets that offer fresh fruit, spices, handmade carpets and much more that what local artisans and merchants can boast of.
Mosque Kutubia built in the 12th century, they still amaze with the architectural idea and skill of the masters of that era. The height of the minaret is 77 meters, and as a model it served in the construction of other mosques in the world.
Surprising places in Marrakech are the gardens, there are several of them: this is the garden of Menara - the oldest garden, its history begins in the 12th century; Gardens Majority - created by the artist, fell in love with the atmosphere and culture of Morocco and decided to make this place his home and workplace, after the artist's death this house and garden was acquired by Yves Saint Laurent.
Outside, outside the walls of Medina, lies a new city - Geliz. He sinks into the greenery and invites to a leisurely walk on the cab or on foot.
There are many small restaurants and cafes on the territory of the city, where you will mainly be offered Moroccan cuisine, most of them are closed at 21:00. Night clubs are only open on the territory of hotels. And if your hotel does not have a nightclub, then you can have a rest at any other hotel.
38 Agadir Airport - Tafraout | from 126 EUR
Located in the magnificent Ameln Valley, the village of Tafraut is surrounded on all sides by red-granite mountains. Despite its unassuming appearance, this area is quite prosperous because of the money earned sent home by relatives working in big cities or abroad. It is a pleasant and relaxed base for exploring the region.
39 Aadir Airport - Taghazout | from 34 EUR
htts: //www.intui.travel/transfer/marokko/airport_agadir/taghazout/
Six kilometers from Tamraght, the laid-back fishing village of Taghazout, once known for squid and hippies, is now considered the main surfing spot in Morocco for professionals and students.
A sloppy roadside village is a mixed place - mostly a dry tourist city, where the culture of surfing is dominant. The main beach is great for swimming, but during and after the Moroccan summer vacation
Casablanca Airport is the main airport of Morocco. It is located 30 km from the city of Casablanca, the financial capital of the country. You can get to Casablanca by public transport: from the airport railway station (located on the 1st floor of the arrival hall of Terminal 1) every hour the train is sent to the station in Casablanca. The journey time is 30 minutes, the trains do not run at night. Once a hour from the airport, a bus goes to the bus station of Casablanca (buses also do not go at night), the journey time is 1 hour. Taxi passengers can be found on the 0 floor of the arrival hall. You have to pay for each passenger. You can rent a car at the airport of Casablanca, a reservation is required. If in an unfamiliar country you want to get to your hotel or hotel without unnecessary troubles, then for the first trip the transfer from Casablanca airport to the doors of your hotel is the best. You will be met immediately upon arrival, flying to the car and quickly delivered to the desired location. Intuy offers you to order a group or individual transfer from / to the airport of Casablanca and find out the exact cost of the trip. The prices listed on the Intuitive website are final, no additional commissions and fees are required on site with you. Have a nice trip!
40 Casablanca airport - Casablanca City | from 27 EUR
Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, its population is 3,362,000 people. Being also a port city, Casablanca is mainly the economic center of Morocco. Its development in the Middle Ages, Casablanca received thanks to the port. The most magnificent sight of Casablanca is the mosque of Hasan II. It is the largest in Morocco and the second largest in the world. The mosque rises 210 meters in the up and 10 metro is under water. It is located on the shore of the ocean and it is pleasant to look at from afar, admiring the scenery, and looking intently at the intricate ornament, majestic columns and interior decoration. It is a symbol of the city and its image is found everywhere.
The main museum of Casablanca is the Archaeological Museum. It is interesting both for the building and for its exhibits. As the most important museum in Morocco, it is constantly replenished with new artifacts that archaeologists have just found. Detail tells and recreates the life of Morocco during the reign of the Roman Empire.
Museum of Natural Sciences, the main exhibit of which is the skeleton of a huge dinosaur.
The park of the Arab League is another interesting place, with a beautiful view of the ocean. There is a Christian temple here, which for a long time was empty, but not so long ago was restored.
North Dam-de-Lourdes - is the only active Christian temple in Casablanca. Here you will see beautiful European stained-glass windows, and the temple itself is interesting from an architectural point of view.
In Old Medina you will be able to get acquainted with the ordinary life of the Moroccans, visit numerous souvenir shops, taste Moroccan cuisine in restaurants, and visit artisans' quarters and see their work personally. On a tour of this part of the city it is worth spending several hours. It is worth seeing the fortress of the 18th century, as well as visiting the jewelery market.
Interesting is the Jewish Museum, it is the only museum in the Muslim world, and this is highly appreciated and respected by the Moroccans themselves. It reflects the influence and life of Jews in Morocco. In the modern building there are exhibits that are hundreds of years old and many of them came to us from the beginning of our era.
The heart of the city is Muhammad V square, impressive sizes and numerous cafes and souvenir shops attract tourists. From it goes Boulevard Khufayet Bonyi, where you will certainly find a restaurant that satisfies your requests.
41 Casablanca airport - Rabat | from 84 EUR
The political and administrative capital of Morocco can be thrown into the distant box of tourist attractions, but this is in vain, because stay in it is compensated by the tourist charm of local color. The ville nouvelle street boulevards are clean, well maintained and relatively free from traffic - a blessed relief for those who spent time in Casablanca. There is a clean central beach, undamaged and well maintained. Overall, the city is a good choice for a short stay.


Other routes from / to Casablanca airport:
42 Casablanca airport-Mazagan Beach Resort | from 84 EUR
43 Casablanca airport - Sidi Hajzhage Oued Hassar | from 73 EUR
44 Casablanca airport - Tamaris | from 84 EUR
Marrakech Airport is 5 km from the center of Marrakech, the popular tourist center of Morocco. How to get to / from the airport Marrakech:
Intuy offers you a quick and convenient trip: a transfer booking from Marrakech Airport in 16 different directions around the country. You can choose the car that suits you, order a group or individual transfer, find out the exact cost of the trip. Booking a transfer through the Intuity will take no more than a few minutes. The directions of transfer from / to Marrakech airport are indicated below.
45 Marrakech Airport - Ouarzazate | from 110 EUR
Strategically located Ouarzazate (war-zazat) received largely its wit, rather than its appearance. Since King Mohammed VI began to form the heritage of Morocco, Ouarzazate is rapidly developing with huge new residential areas located to the south of the city, as well as new condo-hotel complexes, a spacious pedestrian area and well-stocked supermarkets. With a variety of agencies offering bicycles, motorcycles and camels - this is an ideal starting point for visiting mountains, deserts and canyons
46 Marrakech Airport - Marrakech Medina | from 6 EUR
In order to plunge into the atmosphere of Morocco and get to know the culture of this country, go to Old Medina. This part of the city represents one of the main attractions of Tangier - Kasb of the 18th century. This fortress tells an interesting story and played an important role in the formation of the city. It offers a beautiful view, and in good weather you can admire the spectacular mountains from the neighboring Spanish coast. The big bazaar is the most populous place of Medina. This is a real museum for tourists. Fakirs, snake charmers will entertain you here. You can buy a souvenir for every taste and prosperity, and then relax in one of the local cafes. Ancient mosques, houses and entire palaces await tourists in this part of the city.
Other proposals for Marrakech:
47 Marrakech Airport - Tassoultante | from 14 EUR
48 Marrakech airport - Kasbah Le Mirage | from 17 EUR
49 Marrakech Airport - Marrakech Downtown Area | from 9 EUR



South Africa
South Africa is the most economically developed and stable country on the African continent. In many respects it resembles Europe, in terms of comfort and standard of living in large cities is not inferior to developed countries, but all this is flavored with local color. Traveling by region, you find yourself in absolutely different worlds, each of which has its own cultural characteristics and traditions. It is not possible not to fall in love with this country.
From South Africa it is customary to bring statuettes and masks from valuable species of wood. And also embroidery and beadwork, national ornaments, picturesque canvases with African species. Jewelry and gems are the elite souvenirs of South Africa. As a trophy from South Africa, tourists like to bring animal skins. Of course in every city there is a "flea market" where you can make purchases. For more comfortable shopping you can use shopping centers and shops, here you can pay by credit card, and some sellers for cash will make a 10% discount.
In South Africa you can taste both local cuisine and without any problems find a restaurant with any other: French, Italian, Japanese and even Arabic are represented everywhere.
In South Africa, a lot of entertainment places for both parents and children. It is accepted to make all excursions in a campaign with other tourists or hire your own guide, which will not be too expensive, but is not only a personal narrator and guide, but also a guarantee of safety.
Airport Cape Town is the second busiest in South Africa. It is located 22 km from the city of Cape Town. You can get to Cape Town or other surrounding cities by taxi, car rental or shuttle buses. Traveling South Africa on a rented car is not the best idea if you come here for the first time without getting acquainted with the local mores of drivers and policemen. Buses leave from the airport to Cape Town and some other South African cities on schedule. If you take a taxi, it is better to book a special airport taxi to avoid fraud and for security reasons. Maximum comfort and speed will be provided by the transfer booking through the Intui service. They will be met immediately upon the arrival of the flight, will drive to the car and will be delivered in time to the destination. The prices indicated on the transfer services on the site are final, there will be no additional commissions and fees on the spot. When ordering a return transfer on the day of departure, no trouble with luggage and taxi searches will be taken in advance from the hotel and delivered on time to the desired terminal at the airport in Cape Town. Have a nice trip!



50 Cape Town International Airport - Cape Town | from 19 EUR
Annually, more than half a million tourists come to Cape Town to climb the Table Mountain. The mountain got its name because of a flat plateau on top, which stretches for three kilometers. There is a cable car and a stunning view of the city and the ocean. In addition, here is a reserve, which carefully protects their household. Among the plants there are those that are represented only here, and nowhere else in the world.
In the city itself, too, there are many interesting places that are worth a visit. Among them, the Castle of Good Hope is one of the oldest buildings in South Africa. Today there are several curious museums and a restaurant with local cuisine and famous South African wines.
The most famous waterfront and attracting millions of tourists every year - Victoria and Alfred Waterfront - in the past there was the main port and warehouses. Buildings for many, of which hundreds of years, perfectly preserved and in them today there are endless restaurants, souvenir shops, expensive boutiques. Here you can definitely have a great time at dinner or dinner and make good purchases. Also on the waterfront is the Aquarium of Two Oceans - telling and visually acquainting visitors with marine life.
For active recreation there are various entertainments: you can go camping into the city and conquer the Table Mountain, or immerse yourself in the ocean with instructors to hunt for local inhabitants. Surfing, rafting, sailing, in general, everything you just want, the locals will provide you.
Cape Town also boasts of its restaurants and nightclubs. So "Green Dolphin" is famous for accompanying jazz music, "Mama Africa" ​​- local cuisine and rhythmic sounds of "native" music.
Cape Town is proud of its beautiful beaches. Here you can just relax in the sun. Or fly a hang gliding, ride a catamaran, or ride a horse on the beach. It is interesting to observe the penguins, for most tourists this is a real exotic. There are noisy youth beaches, with cocktail bars and 24-hour discos, and quiet secluded places for relaxing couples. There are also playgrounds with entertainment and cafeteria
51 Cape Town International Airport - Hout Bay | from 27 EUR
As a historic and still working fishing village, the local flavor and scenery of Hout Bay make this place attractive for both locals and foreign tourists. There are a lot of restaurants in the village, as well as two hotels (Hout Bay Manor Manor and Chapman's Peak Hotel), several motels and self-catering accommodation options. The harbor has restaurants, fresh fish shops and artisan shops, which overlook the bay and boat trips to Duiker Island. Chapman's Peak Drive is a picturesque mountain range that has been modified to ensure the safety of travelers. The forts of the East and West, built by the Dutch in the 18th century, can also be visited, and the original cannons and barracks are still adorned on the slopes of Chapman Peak. In the mountains surrounding Hout Bay, there are also hiking trails. In the same area is a bronze statue of a leopard on a rock at the water's edge, looking over the ocean.
52 Cape Town International Airport - Stellenbosch | from 30 EUR
The ancient traditions of wine production served as the basis for the creation of a special tourist route "Wine Road". The purpose of this route is to visit wineries, tasting their wines. In South Africa, hundreds of wine farms, of which three-quarters are located within a radius of 150 km from Cape Town. Therefore, the most common route includes a visit to the three main wineries - Stellenbosch, Franshhoek and Paarl, in the vicinity of which the country's richest estates are located.
The wine route is another way of spending time, you can visit the wine farms, see the process of producing wines since growing. Buy delicious samples and dine with a tasting on one of the farms.
Other routes from / to Cape Town International Airport:
53 Cape Town International Airport - Куйлс Ривиер | from 20 EUR
54 Cape Town International Airport - Grand West Casino | from 15 EUR
55 Cape Town International Airport - Grassy Park | from 25 EUR


Johannesburg Airport is the busiest in Africa and the largest in South Africa. Despite all its importance for the country, the airport is rather modest, and with opportunities to get to the center of Johannesburg things are very unfortunate. The prices for local taxis are very, very high. Public transport is represented only by high-speed train and shuttle buses of the airport, which must be booked in advance. The train will take you only to Sandton County, this is a small business quarter on the outskirts of a large metropolis. Next, you will have to change to another type of transport or look for a taxi, and this can be a rather dangerous adventure, given the criminal reputation of the city. So the most acceptable way to get from the airport to your hotel in Johannesburg can be a transfer booking. You will be met at the airport immediately upon arrival and delivered as quickly as possible to the destination. On the day of departure, you do not have to look for a taxi or a bus stop, if you book a return transfer to the airport in advance. The prices for transfer services on the Intuy site are final, without any hidden commissions and fees. Have a nice trip!
56 O R Tambo Johannesburg International Airport - Johannesburg City Center | from 47 EUR
Johannesburg is the largest and richest city in South Africa. Thanks to the gold found in this region, the city of Johannesburg was born in the 19th century and grew at a tremendous pace, many millionaires of the 19th and 20th centuries made a fortune here. Today, most gold mines are closed, but Johannesburg remains the financial center of South Africa. It also houses several universities, and this city is also an educational center.
The main attractions are not located in the city. In fact, two days is enough to get to know the city. Record the traveler in the tourist group and go ahead. The city of Soweto is an amusement park, where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a gold rush, descend to a depth of 200 meters and see with your own eyes how the metal was extracted by all. In Soweto, the children will be interested in the zoo, which is one of the best in Africa, and contains almost all mammals of this amazing country. Very popular villages are Lesedi. These are created in the original village of local tribes with their culture and customs. You can not only see life, but also have dinner and see the evening dances.
Botanical gardens of Walter Sizulu are beautiful with a green landscape, there is a nice restaurant and you will definitely enjoy admiring its beauties.
In the city there are several interesting museums: the Art Gallery presents a good collection of works by local masters, as well as international representatives. The entrance to the Gallery is free. The Museum of Apartheid - in fact it is a huge collection of subjects, paintings and videos dedicated to the history of South Africa. South African Museum of Mining Art, is dedicated to the history of the origin of man and the further history of the development of mining art.
The cave of the miracle, is located 10 kilometers from Johannesburg and the trip can be combined with a visit to the Lion Park. In the cave you will be surprised by beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. And in Lion Park you can see not only lions, but also zebras, giraffes and other representatives of the wild nature of South Africa.


Other routes from / to Johannesburg International Airport:
57 O R Tambo Johannesburg International Airport - Kempton Park | from 47 EUR
58 O R Tambo Johannesburg International Airport - Rivonia | from 47 EUR


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