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How to travel around the post-COVID world: safety and comfort with the new Clean & Safe service!


Hotelier organizations and airlines all over the world are starting to develop and apply new rules of sanitary hygiene and introduce “Clean & Safe” certificates of cleanliness and safety. Thanks to these rules, flights and hotel accommodation will be possible in the summer 2020.

And what about transfers?

Standards and requirements for passenger transportation have already been developed in many countries. The transport companies whose transfers are presented at Intui already use them.


Clean & Safe - transfers for tourists on Intui

This is the so-called “clean” service - which uses disinfecting treatment and other measures to prevent infection. For this service, special safe cars are provided that undergo mandatory sanitary treatment, as a rule, after each passenger transportation.

cleaning_car_other_details_ after using

cleaning_car after using


And, drivers observe a special regime: they don’t give and do not shake hands, wear protective masks. In addition, companies can provide additional services to protect against virus infection and the spread of infection. For example, provide passengers with disinfectant gels or hand wipes.

Service Clean&Safe is included in the transfer price at Intui.



Below you may see a video-example from one of our partners of how they disinfect a car before and after each transfer service.


How do I know that the car is Clean & Safe?

We have added a special icon to the description of vehicles on the site to distinguish cars that have been disinfected from others, see the picture below


Car Clean & Safe


What exactly has been done by the transport company to ensure security against the virus can be found by clicking on the tab “Details & Conditions”, the section “About the route”

Why car is Clean & Safe


Now you can book an “anti-virus” transfer for your tourists and be sure for their safety.

We hope that you will get acquainted with the virus only in the news, and all trips of your customers in the future will take place and will be wonderful!


With safe & sound wishes,

Partner.Intui team