Main pageNewsIntui launched a new partner account function "Payment from balance"

Intui offers a payment function from the balance in a partner account .


The partner's balance of payments is formed from two sources of income: the accrued commission for reservations and money transfers for its replenishment.


The advantages of using the balance are as follows:



1. You can use the commission of the partner to pay for new bookings.

The commission awarded automatically appears on the balance sheet, as the amount available for payment for orders.

In the personal partner account, on the "Profile" tab you can always track the current balance.



2 . You can pay from the balance in a single click, without filling in the details as when paying by card.


Filling in fields with a card number, code, and other data takes precious minutes and nerves.

Now all just I picked, pressed, paid. You can always top up the balance in ways convenient

for you if the amount available for purchases is less than the cost of the planned order. 

Here lies another novelty - now you can use bank transfers to replenish the balance.



3 . Employees with access to an account can also pay the order with the balance.

Your agents that are added to the "Users" tab can use the tools
on the balance sheet in the account as payment for transfer orders, which means that there is no longer any need
appoint the person responsible for using the credit card. All bookings made
Authorized agents will be automatically tied to your partner account.



4. The accumulated amount on the balance can be transferred to the company's account.


If it is more convenient for you to withdraw funds to your account and pay by traditional

ways, then apply for withdrawal from the partner balance


5. Refund for canceled orders for balance.

If the order paid from the partner balance is canceled for any reason

transport company, the funds are returned to the payer. Voila, and balance is

replenished with the cost of the canceled order and you can again choose auto and pay for the new order.



6. Increased commission percentage for one-time replenishment.

One-time payment to replenish the balance for a large sum will increase your

partner commission percentage.  



All reports are available in your account in the optimized tab Orders and reports.


Everything is transparent and simple, all actions with orders and balance are now displayed in the new section Transactions.


New orders payment function with partner balance is offered as an option, an opportunity that you can use if you wish it doesn't oblige you to anything.
At any time you can pay for orders in other ways familiar to you.
In detail, where to find and how to use the new functionality of the Balance.



- Where can I see my available balance for purchases?

The partner's accrued or added balance is displayed in the "Profile" tab.





- What methods are available to replenish the balance?

By clicking the button "Top up" you will be taken to select a method to replenish the balance. Available replenishment of payment systems Ideal and bank transfer.




- How to pay for the order from the balance?


To book an order with payment from the partner balance, you must be authorized. The authorization form is located on the transfer booking page on the Intui.travel transfer website.


Your agents, added by you in the "Users" tab, can also pay for orders from your partner balance. To do this, the authorization form must be completed as indicated in the screenshot:



Next button "Pay off balance" will become available



Please note that when you pay the order with the partner balance is written off Net transfer price.
The commission for such an order will not be accrued, because the amount of the commission from such an order has already been deducted. Information on the net price of the order is available immediately before payment (see below)



- How can I track my orders and payments?


In your personal account you will find a new tab "Orders and reports." Previously, these were two separate tabs "Agent Orders" and "Reports."


Now all your financial statements are collected in one place, you just need to click and select the section of interest.
In the orders and statistics section all orders made by the agent and payments on them are reflected. Here you can keep track of which were paid with the balance, and which traditionally and amount of accrued commissions.


The tab "Transactions" reflects information on the movement of financial resources of the partner:



In the "Payments" tab you have a summary of the final information on funds and payments:


To our partners, registered before 01.12.2017, we recommend setting up a partner account for the presentation of prices in a certain currency (the main currency for use).

To do this, go to the partner account on the "Profile" tab and mark the currency, then click "Save":


Below you may find questions about payment from the balance:




If you have any good ideas to improve the work of this function or others, let us know to partner@intui.su