Main pageNewsIt is high time right now! About how to quickly and easily start cooperation with Intui

For those who want to start cooperation with Intui, we have made a short and convenient instruction for starting.


1. Sign up for the Affiliate Program

Link for quick registration: https://partner.intui.travel/en/registration/

Please note that for working with Intui an offer agreement is sufficient which is automatically accepted when registering in the system.

You can read the text of the partnership agreement here.


2. Book services correctly

For each completed order (paid by cards or electronic payments) you get a commission. In order for the system to “see” that the booking was made by you as an agent you need to place it correctly.

There are two ways:

First - Log in as an agent in an affiliate account and click on the “Book Transfer” button.

Second - Choose a transfer on the client website and indicate your partner email, which was specified when registering in the affiliate network.

And the best way to pay for a transfer is considered to be a payment from the Balance

Watch short video on how to pay from the Balance


3. Make Money Online: Use the tools to monetize your website

Today there are many ways to make money on websites, blogs and websites on tourism is no exception.

Cool tools are available for Intui partners to install, which will make a profitable project out of the company's website.


Widget for installation

Widgets are a simple and quick to install tool. The choice of widget depends on where you are going to use it.

On Intui 5 smart widgets are available for installation for every taste.

You just need to copy the code of the desired widget and paste it into a relevant place on your website.

More details about each widget here


White label install on site

White Label - a special module that will provide all the necessary functionality for booking a transfer: starting with a search and ending with payment directly on your website!

To install, just copy the code of the module and paste it in the right place on your site.

Set up and install your White Label



Banners to make money online

Many colourful banners on the most popular tourist destinations and various topics: family, for business, winter and summer topics are created for our partners.

Choose and install!

To install a banner you just need to go to the corresponding tab of banners in promotional materials, copy the code of the banner and place it on your website.

Choose attractive Banners

Register in our affiliate program now and earn money on touristic transfers