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Free cancellation

Attractive cancealtion policies of transfer at Intui

“Stay Home” mode has violated the plans of almost all of us. Of course, in the near future, travel will not work. However, this fact does not prevent us from making plans. It is likely that after the opening of borders, many hotels and airlines will attract reduced prices or promotions. Good reason to make a trip! Intui transfers will help make your trip even more convenient! Changing the time for free cancellation of orders will allow you to feel even more freely making your reservation.

Previously: 48 hours for a free cancellation. Now the conditions for canceling reservations have become even more flexible: depending on the offers of transport companies for each car, canceling a transfer with a refund can be done 1 hour before the start of the service in local time (local - at the place of transfer).

The time, number of hours, for a free cancellation is set by the transport company that performs the transportation. How many hours before the start of the transfer the transport company applies a late cancellation penalty depends on the conditions of the particular transport company. Some companies charge for an order if it is canceled in less than 12 hours, or 2 hours ... and even 1 hour!

Example is below.

How to book free cancellation transfer online

You are searching a transfer from Phuket Airport for a client on May 31 at 11:55

If necessary, this service can be canceled as indicated on the website in the description of a particular car 12 hours before the date and time of transfer.

Please note that the cancellation time is local, that is, if you are booking a transfer in Thailand, then the local Thai time will be charged for cancellation free.

This means that this order was canceled with a full refund, you should cancel it before 12:45 AM on May 31, local Thai time.

Free cancellation terms

Where can you see the cancellation dates with a full refund?

1. On the car search results page


2. At the stage of booking in the brief basic conditions of the transfer


3. In your Partner account in the card of the paid active order


4. Via API in RS using GetAvailCars method (only for API partners)


Thank you for staying with us!

And we hope that at the end of the pandemic we can all come back to life in full and you will like this improvement!

Log in to your Intui Partner account and book transfers with favorable cancellation conditions today, for example, from Balance

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