Main pageNewsNew feature for partners: Automatic mailing of invoices for transfers

Intui updated the functionality for its partners by adding a convenient option - automatic receipt of invoices for transfers by email.

In order for the system to send you invoices you need:

1.Log in to your partner account on partner.intui.travel on the “Profile” tab

2. Make sure that on this tab you have correctly filled in the fields

“Company name”


“Registration number”of the company.

3.Indicate the email(s) to which you plan to receive invoices.

If you need to send documents to several email addresses, just specify them separated by a semicolon, as in the example in the picture above.

4. Set the frequency with which you want to receive invoices by checking the box.

5. Save the changes by clicking the “Save” button.

This small update will allow you to receive invoices for completed services on time and easily maintain financial statements.

Go to Profile tab and set up sending invoices.

We remind you that you can delegate responsibilities for working with the account using the “Users” tab