Main pageNewsNew from Intui: FLEXI and STANDARD fares. What is it and with what it is eaten?
Intui.travel transfer strives to improve both for customers and partners.
We have taken into account your numerous wishes and present to you Flexi and Standard fares.
-Where to find?
At the client’s web site on the search page.  You can sort them by clicking:
.... or on the listing of the offered cars by clicking on the "Details" tab:
... or in the order card in your personal account:
Fares are working on both the client site and the partners using the White Label. Updates occur automatically, no manual adjustments are necessary, Intui provided everything for you.
- How to understand what is included in this or that fare?
To do this, click on the question mark that is located next to the fare name on the search form, or on the "Details" tab, or directly in the order card:
In response, the system will prompt you a window with the description of the fares:
Such prompts free you from memorizing additional information, which certainly facilitates the workflow.
- What are the fares for?
Sorting offers of transfers by fare offers a clear understanding of the parameters and available functions of the order:
  • deadline of possible booking,
  • terms of free cancellation of the order,
  • the terms of the allowed editing of the order
  • possibility of adding passengers
  • the presence of additional chips in the car (water, wi-fi, ski equipment)
  • the need to specify the time of landing
  • the possibility of adding child restraints
  • Available payment methods
  • possibility of full or partial payment
The introduction of fares removes numerous questions arising during the booking. You can always order a transfer that meets the needs and expectations of your customers.
Have ideas and suggestions? Write to us and we will consider them and discuss: partner@intui.su