Main pageNewsNow ordering a transfer has become easier: book just 2 hours before the start!

Great news: the time limits before the start of the transfer have been reduced! Intui has offers from transport companies that are ready to take an order 2 hours before the trip.

The pandemic is slowing down and travelers are slowly returning to their usual rhythm of life. For those clients who made the decision to travel at the last moment or if you simply did not have time to book a transfer on time, if your clients' plans have changed and they arrive / leave earlier - Intui will help!

How to find out how many hours before the start of the trip you can order a transfer by car?

In the search form, enter the flight arrival time


How to specify the start time of the transfer to the hotel


or departure time,


How to specify the departure time of the flight for a transfer to the airport


As a result, you will receive a list of cars and the time for which you can order a specific car. See example below:



How to find out the time to book a transfer



Before booking a transfer close to the client's pick up, please note:

 1. The time for booking is applied locally at the place of transfer. For example, you order a transfer in Turkey, then when searching for a car on Intui you set the local Turkish time of arrival / departure of the flight, or getting into the car.

2. Availability of offers “2 hours prior to pick up” not applied to all routes at Intui.

3. Not all of the transport companies can fulfill orders close to the pick up time.

4.Transport companies simply do not have time to deliver the car if there are distances that involve a trip of more than 2 hours to the client's pick-up point.

When to book a transfer?

The transfer service is guaranteed comfort and safety. And the more popular the destination and the higher the season, the more cars are taken away (booked).

Choose transfer service in two months or a week before the trip: this way the assortment will be wider and the prices more attractive!

To pay for the transfer at a net price, book it from the Partner's balance. Learn more about this in our video tutorial.

Log in the partner account and book a transfer