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Intui for partners: Set the vector for recovery! Mineral resorts of Russia for your customers

Mineral resorts of Russia

Mineral resorts of Russia have retained part of their former charm: they still relieve the body of ailments, and the spirit - of city worries. Nowadays, therapeutic water therapy is supplemented by modern procedures for beauty and health, and the accommodation service has risen to the level of decent hotels. Intui will tell you where to send your client to drink mineral water directly from the source, take a healing bath and go through the SPA program.

Transfers will deliver the traveler to the resort with comfort, security and no hidden fees.

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Caucasus. Mineral waters of the Caucasus

Mineral water of Caucasus

The talking name promises a wide variety of healing waters with various mineralogical compositions. Even in tsarist Russia, rest on the water was recommended for solving digestive problems, treating nervous system diseases and skin diseases. Many experts believe that it is the right healing water to strengthen the immune system. How to choose mineral water with the correct composition will be advised by competent sanatorium specialists.

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Pyatigorsk and sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk and sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk

13 types of minerals flow from under Mashuk Mountain, thanks to which Pyatigorsk has become the most diversified resort of KavMinvod. In addition to carbon dioxide, sulphide, salt-alkaline and radon waters, sulphide mud from Tambuk lakes is used here. The effect of the treatment can be enhanced by walking on all places of Lermontov’s path and clean air.

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Kislovodsk and sanatoriums Kislovodsk

Kislovodsk and sanatoriums Kislovodsk

Being in the largest resort city of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, there is a great chance to drink narzan in ancient galleries of the 19th century. It is said that this mineral water works wonders and turns a city dweller back into a balanced homosapiens. When the treatment procedures are over, you can ride the cable car, take a walk through the treatment areas and breathe in the mountain air in the spa park, which is larger than Versailles in size (wow!). The mood in Kislovodsk favors nostalgia, but in sanatoria such as Plaza, nothing reminds of Soviet times - everything is done in a modern style. Kislovodsk and the sanatorium of Kislovodsk are truly affordable fun.

How to get to Kislovodsk from the airport


Essentuki and mineral water Essentuki

In Yessentuki, you can no less feel the custom-made color and you can easily learn how to drink mineral water from local Yessentuki springs, and then lie in healing baths. If the soul requires rebellion: book a transfer for your customers and after 3 hours (or a little less), your tourist will already explore the surroundings of Mount Elbrus - here you will find fresh mountain air and positive impressions of stunning nature.

Rest on mineral springs and mountains will provide impressions and a boost of energy for a long time! How to get your tourists to Essentuki? You know the answer :)

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Sanatoriums Sochi. Matsesta

Sanatoriums Sochi. Matcesta

Matsesta is a quiet resort microdistrict of Sochi with natural hydrogen sulfide springs, as well as sanatoriums, including the medical and health resort Matsesta, located in a magnificent building of the Soviet period.

In addition to treatment, you can send your client to the local aquarium to look at the penguins and reserves with a chic natural fund. A complete reboot and cleansing of your client’s mind are guaranteed! How to get to Matsesta? Right, book your transfer from Intui.

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The resort area of St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Surprisingly, but half an hour from the northern capital, you can improve your health and walk barefoot along the sandy shore. There is a completely different nature: pine groves, birdsong and silence! What a city dweller needs to break out of stuffy walls and plunge into calm.

In addition, there are many sanatoriums with an excellent rating to choose from, where you can “tighten the screws” and return to the usual rhythm of life with renewed vigor.

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Sanatoriums of Nalchik


The city of Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, was successfully located among the mountain slopes of the Caucasus. This health resort is rich in a variety of mineral waters and healing mud. Nalchik sanatoriums treat diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Here, your customers can enjoy walks in the picturesque green parks, visit the Elbrus region and orchards.

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Stay healthy!