Main pageNewsSummer update: a new collection of colorful banners

Especially for our partners, we have made a summer update of the banner collection in 7 languages!

Bright, stylish, with lively emotional pictures and trigger messages - all the conditions for high-quality attraction and easy sales.

Intui banners will help you:

    - Attract the targed audience

    - Diversify content

   - Make the web site memorable

New collection supplemented by several topics:


  • countries
  • sea
  • family transfers
  • business transfers

For the target audience of different countries there are banners in 7 languages: Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese.

Each banner contains a message in its own language and landing on a page in this language, it remains only to copy and paste the code! All orders issued from banner landings already contain your affiliate ID and will be assigned to you, the cookie is stored for 35 days.

Statistics on affiliate orders is here.

Placing a banner on a website takes no more than 5 minutes and has a high conversion, provided the content is relevant to the landing.

All 500 banners are available via the link.