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Why transfers from Intui.travel

Satisfy customers with more choice, lower fares and guaranteed service Provide to your customers transfer, relevant to port, arrival time and the address of the hotel
Easy and quick add relevant transfers to sales of flights and hotels Low cost of adding the transfer using API wide to your dynamic package

API from Intui.travel

Allows to integrate transfers to cross/post-sale, into dynamic package. Relevant to booked flights and hotels.

Wide opportunities

Booking, editing and cancellation of transfers.

Compound routes of transfers

From the airport, the customer will bring to the pier where the ferry crossed the river, and then again on a comfortable sedan delivered to the door of the hotel.

Select by price

From cost-effective shuttle-basses to luxury cars.

4 currencies of payment


Rich content

On two languages (RU and EN):
  • A specific brand of car
  • Production year of car
  • Photo of the car
  • Photo of the driver
  • Languages spoken by the driver
  • Availability of Wi-Fi
  • Possibility of transporting skis
  • Water and other bonus services from the carrier
  • Detailed instructions fro transfer

Skoda Octavia NEW, Sedan, 2014
The driver speaks: Russian
Payment is possible in currencies: RUB, and credit cards
child car seat: free of charge
child booster seat: free of charge   
Free Wi-Fi
Ski or snowboard is allow to carriage

At arrival, the instruction for Customer: How to find a driver. Once you have collected your luggage, your driver will be waiting outside arrival hall holding a sign with your name on it. Please identify yourself by showing him a copy of your booking voucher. In the unlikely event you should have any difficulty in locating your designated driver - please dial hotline support services specified in the voucher where an English speaking representative phone will help you. (If calling from a mobile or landline the international code must be dialed)

Maximum Waiting Time At Arrival Point: 1 hour after the landing (in case of flight or luggage delay - up to 24 hours)

Maximum Waiting Time At Departure Point: 20 min

Luggage Information: Per one passenger the price includes: 1 suitcase and 1 hand (carry-on) luggage. If there is not enough space in the luggage compartment - hand luggage has to be transported in the cabin. If the luggage is beyond the scope of the rules (1 suitcase and 1 unit of hand luggage of small size), an additional charge may occur. Charges for excess luggage takes place on the spot.

Children/Infants: There should be a seat for the children from 2 years old in the order. Infant's transportation is included in the price of the transfer. Parents can hold their infants on their hands during a trip. If a separate seat is required for the infant - it is important to book a transfer as a child from 3-11 .

About Route: In the car there is drinking water with and without gas, dry and wet wipes, gum, candy, chocolate, umbrella. In the car, there are seasonal special attachment for your ski equipment. In the car, do not smoke. The car is equipped with winter tires during the winter. Drivers professionals dress white top dark bottom, always ready to help with luggage, always accompany visitors to the car, not intrusive, polite, punctual, cars are supplied for earlier without delay and fairy tales, waiting in the airport flight free of charge, waiting for the train for free of charge, child seat is free of charge, transportation of ski equipment free of charge


API & Unique Algorithm of searching the routes

It operates accurate data: dates, addresses, GPS-coordinates.

Allows you to get the transfers in 1 step to almost any sold tickets and hotel and generate dynamic package on your side, or get transfers relevant to the Accommodation.

Your IT costs of integration the relevant transfers with API Intui will be minimal.

Competitors offer transfer services to Resorts (city, district, neighborhood, the specific name of the place). However, customers book the hotels, villas or apartments. You have airport code (hereinafter AP), address or GPS-coordinates of the Area, but to determine Resort, where the hotel is located - is a problem for IT.

API Intui offers routes "AP - Hotel" and classical "AP - Resort"! By name, address or GPS-coordinates.
A narrow relevant proposal - higher conversion. In Europe dynamic tours (in the package) is from 15% to 40%.
With us you can make dynamic package for 1 query, but with competitors - no, because their API gives routes "AP - Resort" and not to specific hotels.

Example 1

The client booked airline tickets to Adler Airport and Hotel Meridian Hotel 3 *.

To provide the customer with the relevant transfer route, from competitors you need via API: send airport code and get a list of the resorts, to which transfers is possible. Select the desired Resort. And it needs to determine which is a resort hotel booking, and generally gets you to book a hotel in any of the available Resort. (this item is the most difficult for IT)
Send a request to transfers the AP - Resort and get a list of car with prices.

In the example below you have Adler airport and the list of Resorts (Centre Adler, Gelendzhik, Black Sea and other) 39 items at all (for this moment on Intui.travel), from which you need to choose only one right (if it's available), in which is located the booked hotel - this is a main problem for many of the PTA at the moment.

With API of Intui: you just send IATA-code of airport and GPS-coordinates of hotel and get response Transfer Adler Sochi Airport - Adler already with list of cars and prices. In 1 step. Simple, fast and effective.

Example 2

The youe customer book a hotel (you do not know the airport). Through the competitors you do not get via API the list of transfers to the hotel by the GPS-coordinates or address of hotel. With intui you will get a list of the airports, and a list of cars with prices and as a result will be able to offer the customer transfers. Relevant for the price, type of car, travel time and many other parameters.

Example 3

You make to the customer the dynamic package Avia Flight + Hotel. If you choose transfers by the selected client pair airway and Hotel (a cheap flight and cheap hotel), it may be that the transfer of the selected airport to the selected hotel there, or the distance to the hotel is, for example, 800 km, and the transfer price will be equal to the cost of flights by local airlines. Is not it easier to find the airport, from which there is transfers with the lowest price and airfares? With Intui's API, you can determine the closest airport to the hotel, where there are transfers and model the best for the final price for the entire block "Flight + hotel + transfer".

GDS-platform of ground transportation

  • Only reliable licensed transport companies.
  • Direct contracts providing the prices of the first echelon.
  • Covering: 122 countries (from competitors - about 50), 17 000 cities (from competitors - from 50 to 4000) and 4 200 airports, harbors and railway stations (from competitors - about 250).
  • Due to the high density of routes Intui provides a more accurate and relevant prices to the spots.
  • 165 types of vehicles: land, water, air. This is your opportunity to provide the client economy class shuttle bass from 5 USD, or Ski-transfer on the Mercedes Viano for Business-team.

Intui - is the largest base of routes and the opportunity to work with the prices of first-tier, providing you with great benefits to using a one API Intui. You get millions of the exact route of transfers. With us you can offer transfers relevant to the point of spot, to the price, class etc.

Detailed possibilities API wide
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