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Where your clients may go to relax in summer 2020? Where to go in autumn? Which countries are open to tourism and safe from coronavirus infection? Which countries can be entered without mandatory self-isolation? What countries are doing to open the tourist season? Where and when your clients may go and relax this year? A brief overview ...

Tourism on the planet is coming to life and countries are gradually opening their borders. Where to go this summer? And where the tourists are expected not earlier than autumn?

The summer tourist season 2020 will be partially or completely opened in the Emirates, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Iceland, Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Egypt, Tunisia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Israel, Germany, etc.

But Bali and Thailand are still working on the opening of the tour season and you can plan trips to these countries at the end of autumn-winter 2020.

Tourists from different countries are accepted in the following European countries: Serbia, Turkey.


United Arab Emirates post covid travel

burj khalifa dubai

The UAE opens its doors to foreign tourists from all over the world starting from July 7, 2020.To get to the Emirates, tourists will need to meet a number of epidemiological safety requirements, such as the COVID19 test, have valid medical insurance, and install a special mobile application Covid-19 DXB to facilitate coordination with health authorities.

For July, the average air temperature in Dubai is predicted to be +36 °C, and the water temperature is +34 °C. Tempting? Elite hotels in the Emirates are already booked "to the brim".

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Is Dominican Republic open for tourism?

dominican republic beach

On July 1, the doors to the Dominican Republic will open for foreign tourists! By this time, the Dominican Republic is planning to open hotels, airports, gyms and restaurants, as well as opening air services to a number of countries. The airports of Punta Cana and Las Americas (Santo Domingo) already confirm flights for July from North America and Europe.
In Cuba, foreign tourists will be accepted on several Islands (Santa Maria, Cayo Largo, etc.), they will not be quarantined, no certificates will be required, but all security measures will be observed and tourists will be able to pass a quick coronavirus test and temperature check right at the airport.


When to travel to Spain?

Ibiza Spain

Spain will open its borders on July 1, and the island territories of the country: the Balearic and Canary Islands, are going to open to tourists even earlier, because there are fewer cases of infection


Greece season 2020 and Cyprus travel

The bay of Greece

Since mid-June, Greece and Cyprus are open to tourists from certain countries. Gradual easing and opening of borders to new countries is planned from July 1. Since June 15, Athens airport has already been opened, and from July 1, other airports in Greece will be opened. A nice bonus for tourists: Greece is going to reduce the price of flights due to a temporary reduction in VAT on planes. It's time to book a trip!

From June 20, Cyprus can be visited without restrictions by tourists from epidemiologically stable EU countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Tourists from Israel, Poland and Romania must provide a certificate of absence of coronavirus. Tourists from other countries are not yet able to visit Cyprus. A notable fact: tourists in Cyprus are promised to compensate for the cost of treatment if they find a coronavirus during their vacation.

Have Italy travel restrictions?

Ischia Italy

International flights are already open in Italy for the Schengen countries and for the UK from June 3. Citizens of other countries are expected to be quarantined for two weeks, but this measure is planned to be abandoned from July 1. Airlines have opened ticket sales to Italy, but confident air traffic will be restored by August. Bars, restaurants, cafes and museums are coming to life, and hotels are opening in stages.


Tourism  in Portugal

Azores Portugal

Mainland Portugal is already waiting for foreign tourists with a negative test for COVID19. Not all hotels are open yet, but Portugal is gradually easing restrictions, no quarantine is required for tourists, and a system of security certificates is in place for hotels. On the island territory of the country: in Madeira and the Azores, guests are expected from July 1.


France reopening for tourism

Eiffel Tower

Since June 15, cautious France has opened entry for tourists from most EU countries, and from July 1, it plans to gradually open its borders to countries outside the Schengen area.







Iceland tourism 2020

Natural Beauty of the North in Iceland

Iceland is already open and already takes guests from European countries, in compliance with the control measures for the spread of the infection. Due to the low population density, Iceland has endured the pandemic with great resilience, the number of victims is in the tens, and the control measures established by the government allow us to be optimistic about the future. 


Turkey to reopen tourism

Turquoise sea of Turkey

This hospitable country has already been receiving tourists from some countries since June 15. Not all hotels will be able to accept tourists. Security certificates have been introduced for hotels and hotels are currently undergoing certification.

Turkey has taken unprecedented measures - free testing for COVID will be done at the airport for those visitors who seem suspicious.

However, European countries include Turkey in the list of countries with a high risk of infection with coronavirus.


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"Trusted" tourism  in Thailand 2020

Krabi beach in ThailandThe Country of Smiles carefully opens the tourist season using the method of "Tourist bubbles". For tourists from prosperous countries with a good epidemiological situation, the doors will be opened for recreation in selected resorts in Thailand: safe, modern and well-equipped with everything necessary for disease control. Within the country, restrictions are already being actively removed and amusement parks and water parks are being opened. However, the tour season will not be open until autumn.

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