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Do you sell the Hotels? or  Air tiсkets ?



Is it your aim:

to collect more revenue

from each involved client?

Without increasing costs?




Offer Of Partnership


How to increase revenue from each client?

                                                        Offer relevant product!






Personal transfer -


comfortable way to get to your destination


Relevant product - high conversion






Personal transfer Intui.travel includes:



...to any


...from 3500


world - wide



The Affiliate Programm is free to join




Relevant solutions:

   transfer to the booked hotel



Customer booked

a hotel

YOU - offer transfer to this



With the "boarding" on

specific transfer route

on the date of booking a hotel

and calculated cost

Ready to be paid!






Relevant solutions:

   transfer from arrival airport


Client bought ticket

YOU - offer the transfer

from arrival airport


With "boarding" on

transfer route

with choice:

Get to the hotel, to the villa, to the address





It's done!


The Affiliate Programm is free to join




Integrable "transfer" solutions for partners of Intui


 URL for particular route

transfer via XML 


In your mail to customer


Cobranding landing page


Integrable "transfer" solutions

for website with more then 1000

unique customers a day.


  iframe realisation in Your style

  White label - implement all the features on Your side. API, XML.



Your customer will like YOUR suggestion, 





Your customer will like YOUR suggestion,



Intui - relevant vehicle

for the needs!








  Your offer to customers of comfort

  transfer from partner of Intui - 


than a relevant product



It's convenient for Your customers

to order transfer-

just click  the link!


ready solution !


Your customers no longer need to stand in line for the taxi


They are await!




Your customers will be 

thankful and loyal           

to YOU                                    


We will be glad to cooperate!


We have assistance, we will answer questions,

we will help to connect


The Affiliate Programm is free to join