Main pageQuestionsFor travel agencies and tour operatorsHow will be tracked travel agencies orders?

You should use a link with your unique partnerID. Click on it and you will be on Intui.travel

or just add to the link in your browser

/?partnerID=ХХХХХХ, where XХХХХХ - your ID. Example of your partner link: https://en.intui.travel/?partnerID=XXXXXX

Ссылка с ID

The mechanism of tracking orders of Travel Agent based on the identification partnerID and link with partnerID. For this we use cookies, ie history, that you or your colleagues passed to Intui.travel on the link where there was partner ID. Information about transition is stored for 35 days from the date of the last follow a link. During this time you can buy Transfers and orders will be recorded to your Account.

To be sure that you have followed a link with your partnerID, upload your logo in partner Profile and then when you came by the link with your partnerID, your logo will be shown in the left top corner. This means that you have moved right.

Then book the transfers under your logo, and hence under your affiliate partnerID.

Link with your partnerID can be used by multiple managers with any computers and tablets.

You can also put link with your partnerID on your website. Then your customers will automatically be booked transfers under your ID and your logo and purchased orders will be credited to your Partner account.

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