Main pageQuestionsTechnical questions about registration, connection to b2b, setting widgetsIs it possible to receive options of Variables in White Label / Widget of Search for transfers from different destinations / departures?
Yes! It is possible.
In order to receive the options of variables for searching a transfer from different destinations / departures:
1) Download the file - there are names of Airports with IATA / ID codes of the variable, Name of the Resort / ID of the Resort.
2) Build Intui’s Widget or White Label in the way you need - by color, design, language, with a message to any Airport / Resort.
3) You will receive the code - in this code you need to add the values ​​to the variables for AP and RE, take the values ​​from the file.
It can be done:
  • For Airports
  • For Airports & Resorts together 35,082 routes

As an example, here is the building of Transport node / Resort:
  • Antalya Airport AYT - in the file code AR 121
  • Kemer Resort - in the file code RE 1075
If you need a option only for the Airport, then add the variable of airport code - in this case Airport Antalya:
If you need the option of Airport and Resort, then add the variables for the Airport and Resort codes and the name - in this case Airport Antalya and Resort Kemer:
4) Copy and paste the ready-to-go code.
By that, using your script for your Airports, you can generate Widget or White Label and relevantly place it on several thousand pages of your site / directory.

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