Relevant transfer
improve the trip
improve the sales

Affiliate Program for partners and corporate clients

Include to your sales relevant airport transfers to hotels, villas or to any address & any GEO-coordinates. Get remuneration for each completed booking and satisfy your customers with up-to-date travel product with full Meet&Greet service.

Why Intui.travel transfers

Satisfy your Customers
by great offers choice, low tariffs
and high-level service.
Easy & Fast Integration via WhiteLabel or API wide solutions
Instant booking of transfers via partner dashboard, API wide, WhiteLabel Real-time & Competitive net rates, markups, affiliate commission

Advantages of Intui.travel transfer


Allows to integrate transfers as ancillary, to dynamic or post/cross-sales,
from the arrival at the airport to the place of staying.
Add transfers according to the booked air tickets or hotels.



Unique Algorithm

Operates by accurate data: addresses, GPS coordinates, point-to-point.
Will give the relevant data back for the places and dates of arrival, place of staying and departure.



GDS platform of ground transportation

Only reliable licensed transport companies,
covering 39 000 cities, and 4500 airports, harbor and railway stations. 165 types of vehicles.







4 000
Ground transportation companies
6 000 000
Of your possibilities to sell transfers

Where you may get transfers from Intui.travel

153 48 519 4 500
Countries Cities Airports, Harbors

Affiliate tools of Intui.travel transfer

OTAs and Meta search engines
 IT Travel Providers
Traditional travel agencies,
business travel, corporate travel
LEAD networks, bloggers, webmasters

Already work with us

and more than 3 800 of other partners

What our Partners say about us

"Skyscanner launched an airport transfer price comparison site in late 2015.
The site has been rolled out in our global markets, supported by key partners, including Intui, 
who have been very supportive in helping us to develop our coverage. Intui are very responsive, focused on ensuring we provide competitive prices and flexible in adapting systems and processes to optimise sales. We have enjoyed working with Intui and benefited from their flexibility and expertise."


Judith Veenhuizen, Commercial and Marketing




“We connected Intui, as a supplier of transfer services to our dynamic packages and that allowed us to make a complete product for the tourist. We made our choice for Intui because only they have the ability to calculate the route and price by gps coordinates, and that was the most important thing for us".
Vadim Zaytsev, Founder & CEO
"IQPlanner - best adventures catalogue from high-profile bloggers and experienced travellers around the world. Because of Intui.travel, we can reach our users and add transfers as an essential and important element of any Adventure. With Intui.travel, we make independent travel convenient and exciting!"
Igor Kaloshin, Founder & CEO

Reviews from Travel Agencies: 333

Clear, fast, comfortable!

15 October 2019 14:23

Everything is organized PERFECTLY !!! A very neat and responsible driver, Ali, both on arrival and departure - the car was on time, we were waited and delivered EXCELLENT! Very grateful for the perfectly organized transfers!

02 October 2019 12:37


01 October 2019 00:12

The day before the transfer, the driver sent an SMS with data on the car. On the day of arrival, I called for an hour and confirmed the meeting. It was very nice attentive attitude.

26 September 2019 19:50

All perfectly! The flight was delayed, Watsapp wrote on the meeting side, they took into account the delay time, everything was fast, the car was clean, new.

22 September 2019 18:27

Capabilities of fleet Intui.travel
4 000 ground transport companies
165 types of transport
Complex routes of transfers
Chose by cost: from low-cost
by shuttle-bus to luxury car
Suitable vehicle
Ski-transfer, group of business, tailor-made

Benefits of Affiliate program

OTAs and Meta search engines

API & Unique algorithm which allows to integrate transfers as an ancillary product, according to the booked air tickets and hotels or separately and generate the dynamic package.
The expenses for the integration of relevant transfer sales from Intui are minimal:

Easy & Fast Integration via API Easy mapping with IATA codes and/or with geo-points

Increase the process efficiency of Online Travel sites via API Intui.

Our Advantages, Features and How we are Competitive - learn in detailed article

More information about the Solutions & Benefits for you -  in short presentation.

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IT Travel Providers, Travel technology companies

API & Unique Algorithm allows to implement seamless custom integration of transfer booking meet-and-greet & door-to-door services all over the globe.


- 152  countries 4000 Airports 39000 cities
- Inventory  with  4000 direct professional suppliers
- Real-time & Competitive net rates, markups,  affiliate commision
- Instant booking
- Detailed instructions, Cancelation policies, business rules  
- 7 languages & 18 currencies
- Easy & Fast Integration via API Easy mapping with IATA codes and/or with geo-points
- Friendly Test-environment
- Unlimited account users with different permission levels
- Advanced reporting and finance tools with online billing

At your clients’ disposal the wide choice of transportation: Shuttles, Privates, Car+boat, Car +ferry. Routes from Airports, Train station to Accommodation and vice versa. Geo-geo routes from city to city, hotel to hotel, port to port.

All booking details amended via API with the flexible cancellation policy.
Last minute instant bookings up to 2 hours are included. Free operation and support from the very beginning of use.
Profitable and demanded service without time waste is possible with Intui API solution.


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Travel agency traditional, business travel

Clear and easy-to-use system of searching transfer by the name of hotel or address saves time.
You choose the car suitable for your customer: for the companies, with untypical luggage or luxury for exacting ones.
The detailed instruction will help your client to get things straight without any knowledge of local languages in the unfamiliar airport.

Automatic orders and reports online in the personal account.
Voucher without price and a lot of useful tools for agencies - it is all about Intui service for partners.
The more you buy - the less you pay for the next orders! Intui has the progressing scale of an agency fee.

Your client is guaranteed to board his flight on time and will be satisfied with the service provided. Improve the trip of the clients, improve your sales with Intui!

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LEAD networks, bloggers, webmasters

It is easy to monetize your project with Intui.travel transfer!

Plug-and-play tools with high conversion 1,5- 5% for your website:
Millions of landing pages, banners, links, customizable Widget & WhiteLabel

Intui.Travel tools are customizable and support 7 languages: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Chinese. Not only text links and the widget, but also the White Label works with the languages.

Relevant landings: from pages of transfers in the country and airport
to page with relevant route between airport and specified hotel.

Automatic orders & reports online in you personal account, you always know the full account statistic!

Quality of service: 97% of our Customers satisfied!
Increase loyalty of your visitors offering them additional demanded useful service.

High and growing percentage of comission: increase income from your website.

Custom White Label  - fast & easy setup in 10 minutes. Full adaptivity, settings in your corporate style + under your brand - learn more.

More information about the Solutions & Benefits for you -  in short presentation.

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                                               Presentation for OTA, Hotels & Airlines








How does Partner.Intui.travel work?


We are Travel Agencies / Agents: For you Intui has clear and easy-to-use system of searching transfer by the name of hotel or address. You choose the car suitable for your customer and the detailed instruction will help your client to get things straight. Order's billing and accounting is available in your Personal profile.
Voucher without price and a lot more useful tools for you. The more you buy - the less is the cost for next orders. 
We are OTA / Metasearch: Intui has Smart API & Unique algorithm and allows you to select the transfer in 1 step practically to any sold air flight, hotel, ticket and generate the dynamic package. Expenses for the integration of relevant transfer sales from Intui.travel are minimal. More information about the Solutions & Benefits for you -  in short presentation.
We are Hotels / Airlines / Airports: For you Intui has API & Unique Algorithm which allows to offer the demanded, customized product for user: transfer from the port of arrival to the address. Unique Algorithm allows to easy & quick insert/add the Transfer to the Air flight sales, Train ticket sales, Hotel sales, Airport portal’s and to any content of the travel sites. More information about the Solutions & Benefits for you -  in short presentation.
We are Carrier company: If you provide high-quality Transfer services and have the important Scan of Company License or Tourist Board License - it will be a pleasure to work with you. Please check our page for Transport companies by the following link: https://fleet.intui.travel/. More information - in short presentation.
Do you provide any support of what solution to setup from Partner.Intui.travel?
Of course. Be sure, that our team is ready to give you support and assist with any questions. Contact us and we will advise the solution that will be more effective for you. Just contact us at partner@intui.travel and also add us in Skype:  intui.partner. 
Do I have to pay when I register for Partner.Intui.travel?
No, registration is totally Free for you. You don’t have to pay anything when you register / sign up for Partner.Intui.travel account online. And your Free account gives you access to our tools with hints & instructions, so you can start right away - try the registration now.
Are there any costs when I set up my account with Partner.Intui.travel?
No, it’s Free for you and without any setup costs.
How easy is it to integrate Transfers from Intui and use all it’s Solutions?
It’s so simple & fast - like 1,2,3. No technical skills or knowledge required - you don’t need to be a web or tech guru to integrate Transfers of Intui and use it’s great solutions. All step-by-step instructions with hints are available in your Personal account and if you have any difficulties - our Support team will be happy to help you.
How long does it take to integrate Transfers or use Solutions of Intui?
It depends on what Solution from Intui you choose - and Intui has many:
Widgets, Customizable White Label in just 10 minutes, Complete API solution, Banners and so on.
But be sure - it doesn’t take long to integrate or set it up. Some solutions can be set in literally minutes - it’s like copy & paste and you ready to go.
Advantages, Features and How Intui is Competitive?
To learn about our great features for you and how we are Competitive with other transfer Suppliers, just visit our detailed article.
Is there any charge for Access to API?
No,  access to API is free of charge
What payment methods do you support to buy Transfers of Intui As Agent?
We accept Visa / Mastercard, PayPal, Alipay, Klarna, American Express, Giropay, Unionpay, iDeal, KBC, Wechat, Bank transfer, MyBank, Pay-easy.
I need help, what do I do?
Don’t worry, our Support team is ready to assist & give all the instructions. Send us a message at: partner@intui.travel and we will help.