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Travel compositor  

Travel Compositor

With us any TTL company can get a holistic solution that will transform their to the future.
As a strategic added value, we are a consolidator of all services integrated into our platform, allowing any tourism and travel company that uses us to sell dynamic packages around their own product and to any operator to enrich their product without the need of contracts with each supplier. This is an innovative business model that brings new rules and players to the travel sales.
ITravel Compositor has a team of professionals that balance the wide experience in the management of tourism businesses and the use of all the resources that current technology offers.
In Travel C we believe in the exchange of knowledge and, therefore, we distribute our patents to help in their success to each company that trusts us, but we also attend to all the suggestions that our clients bring in a process of constant innovation that produces a new system version daily and 10 annual compilations that vary the number of the model.

Travelcompositor employs a state-of-the-art Scrum/Agile development process with continuous integration which enables several daily deploys, supported heavily by automated testing. New developments, integrations and Customizations are included in agile development Sprints. Express developments or urgent bug fixes can enter daily deploys.

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Goodwin soft

Goodwin Soft company is a complex travel software developer since 2010. We work in tourism and only for tourism.
Because we know how.

We help tourist companies to automate their business, extend the portfolio and reduce time-consuming.
A Goodwin system is a complex of tools that allows tourist operators and DMCs to fully manage their business.  
And, of course, our new feature - Dynamic Packaging! Now you can sell real-time-tailor-made packages to any part of the World and avoid charter risks..

Using the Goodwin system you have the following inventory:
- wide contracting tools
- editing and booking of your own hotels, tours, excursions, transfers, other services
- online booking of hotels, tours, excursions, transfers, other services throughout the world
- finance counting
- packages counting (tours including different services like avia+hotels+excursions+transfers etc.)
- XML integrations with local and global suppliers.
- regular and charter air tickets online booking
- Goodwin DYNAMIC packages
- export or import rates via XML
- ready web site with online booking engine.

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