Book a Transfer
airport transfer booking

Airport transfer in 175 countries
from + 5300 transport companies

for OTA, TourOperators sites
with Intui’s API
as anciliary  or/and  Up/ Post-sales
Dynamic packing

Door to door Private airport hotel transfer, Shared airport transfer

airport taxi transfer
~3 EUR Shuttle
airport transfers suppliers
~20 EUR Economy
large inventory
~150 EUR Business
global inventory
travel trade
Save time & Money with inventory all-in-one
175 countries, +297 527 cities, +5300 Transport companies
Transfers between any points
Airport - Airport/Train/Port, City to City, to any point
Add transfer as anicilary product, to Up-, Post- sales, Dynamic packing with API-wide solutions Intui
That Intui’s API have that others has not
+50 brands
+450 models
Car selection by Class- Brand- Model
integrations Customer support
Intui team & transport company team

reservationProvide your client with a great experience of a well-organized trip

Partner Program
Advanced services
Сhild seats & boosters
taxi transfer
The detailed instruction for you client
Meet &  greet  Luggage  Сontact details of the transport company & Driver

Already work with us

transfer suppliers

+8048Travel Agencies

Intui affiliate Manage orders, receive reports via partner's dashboard and via API

reliable transfer
Net prices with unlimited mark-up
water transfer
Partner’s balance
- payment  for Net price
- book at once
- Instant cancelation &  immediately refund
private transfer
Partner's reports
- Finance Statement,
- Orders,
- Transactions
- Booking status..etc
All clear
economy transfer
Manage your orders online.                            Booking, amend and cancel via API or hassle free at partner dashboard

Intui’s API have that others do not

API others
Intui API wide
Fast integrationTime for integration
10 weeks
2 weeks
Transfers CoverningCovering up to
12 000 resorts
+200 000 resorts & cities
Car models Exact model of vehicles
160 brands & models
Car features at airport transferCar features for customers: Wi-Fi, Child seats, Water, etc.
20 items
AirportsTransfer for Airlines and HotelsCombination of ait tickets, hotels without address or exact name, City-to-City
Multimodal transferMultimodal: Car + Boat / Ferry
Modificaion transfer detailsModification is allowed via API. Cancellation FOC up to 1 hour

...we also offer to use plug-and-play solutions with Intui transfers from our partners IT tech providers