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Knowledge of the client's language is crucial to success in the travel segment.

Intui is customer-oriented and agree that it is required to speak the language of the customers in order to earn their trust and love.

7 language versions are now active in the client interface: EN, RU, ES, IT, DE, FR, CN


It is worth paying special attention to the expansion of linguistic characteristics in partner tools, as the widget and Whitelabel are also updated and can be customized to the above-listed language versions.

As an example: you have a website for an audience from Italy. You post a review article with reference to the Carpediem Roma Golf Club resort hotel, so now you can easily install a converting widget from the airport to this hotel in the native language of your target audience.



Intui White Label is the full version of the Intui interface and provides all the capabilities to search in 145 countries for any coordinates.

This affiliate tool allows users to stay on your site, under your brand and pay for the service without going to the Intui site. You can choose a color scheme and size + chips with the addition of blocks “Reviews”, “Description”, “Map and layout”, etc.

You may place such a frame as an additional service on behalf of the travel agency. For example, as one of our partners did:



Now we add the localization of content according to the buyer's language + to the above mentioned advantages you may also set the local currency.



Frames with Intui transfers are “affordable luxury” for a simple and effective solution for expanding travel services offered and increasing income. Installing the frame takes 5-10 minutes, allowing you to save time, nerves and the budget for the development of IT specialists.

A multilanguage version of the product is what will help keep customers with our partners in the long term. Localization of content by user language globally affects the attitude of the buyer to the service provider.


WL Bonus

If you are a travel agent, your managers can book a transfer for clients from a card or balance by net price on your site in the same WL!

Install updated Intui tools and get a partner reward with each order.