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Great news for travel agents and clients: budget and safe group transfers in Dubai and Sharm El Sheikh are once again available for booking on Intui!
Shuttle service resumed in the directions from Sharm El Sheikh Airport → North Naama Bay, and Dubai Airport → Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Average cost of a shuttle transfer to Sharm El Sheikh one way 5,01 EUR

Offer safe shuttles for booking and get a commission on every completed transfer.

How much is to get from Sharm El Sheikh airport
Cost of airport shuttle Dubai

Is shuttle transfer safe from corona?

 Vehicle sanitization
Carriers that provide services to Intui customers are responsible for the health of passengers in the face of COVID-related restrictions.
Here are some of the measures taken by transport companies:
     Below is an interesting video from one of our carriers in Sharm El Sheikh:


Airport shuttle service - what is it?

 shuttle transfer

Group shuttle transfers are an excellent choice for those who have asked the question “How to get to the hotel upon arrival?” before the trip. It should be preferably on a budget and keeping precious nerves safe as well as a positive attitude.

What is a shuttle? 

A shuttle is a type of vehicle for transporting a group of people, from small minibuses to huge liners. It is worth noting that unlike regular city buses shuttles do not have a fixed schedule! As a rule they run with a difference of 60/90 minutes on the way from the airport to hotels and vice versa from hotels to the airport. 
Group transfer has a peculiarity - it collects passengers at the airport and delivers them to hotels along the route. If you have booked a shuttle for the return journey from the hotel to the airport, the situation will be the same - the shuttle will pick up passengers on the way from the hotel to the airport. 
For group transfers on the way from the hotel to the airport, it may be necessary to reconfirm the exact time of boarding the bus. The transport company makes the schedule for each tourist the day before, taking into account the departure time of the plane, travel time, road conditions. Boarding the shuttle is always calculated with a margin in order to avoid being late for the departure flight.
Read more about group shuttle transfers

Order a shuttle via the Internet?

It's very simple! Find your Intui shuttle service with just a few clicks.
Calculating the cost of your trip is the concern of our smart platform. You only need to enter the data from where and where you need to go: pick up airport - drop off hotel or pick up hotel - drop off airport. For an accurate calculation of the order value, add in the search form the number of passengers and the date and time of arrival of your flight on a plane ticket. 
After creating your order, you will receive a transfer voucher with full instructions on how and where to find transfer. You may send it to your client.
Intui prices are final and without hidden fees!
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How to get to Dubai or Sharm El Sheikh airport on a budget?

budget shuttle transfer in Egypt
We recommend booking a shuttle transfer upon arrival, and booking a private transfer on the way back from the hotel so that the trip will leave only positive emotions. To do this, you need to make two separate orders. In this case you do not have to reconfirm the return transfer time of boarding the shuttle bus with the carrier company since you yourself set the time at which the driver will wait for you to travel to the airport. Thus, you will receive a double benefit: an attractive price for the transfer upon arrival, and comfort on the way to the airport in an individual car.
Bonus - saving on calls in roaming :)
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