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Good afternoon, dear partners, webmasters and members of OTA.

In this article we will talk about the benefits and possibilities of using the product Intui-transfers.

Today Intui-transfers is almost 6 million transfer destinations all over the world. Transfers provides in 145 countries, in more than 4500 airports, in 37 000 cities to any hotel, to any address. Many types of vehicles from economical shuttle buses to limousines and water taxis in Venice.

Advantages of Intui.travel:

  • High percentage of revenue
  • Customer support is completely on the side of Intui
  • Transfer content in 2 languages
  • 18 currencies of payment
  • More than 5000 Positive reviews. 97% of our customers satisfied!

There are many tools to work with our product, such as widgets, banners, iframe, and links. Next, I will discuss each of these in more details.

Solution & Instruments for monetization from the Affiliate program Intui






Widgets can be with a choice of directions (from airport to airport, or to and from) and without choice. Also, there is a category of widgets for a particular country. These widgets can be placed directly on the page describing the country. Selecting a widget depends on where you are going to use it. Choose and place the widgets, the most relevant to your content.
To install a widget, go to promo materials, copy the code of widget and paste it the relevant place of your site.




In addition to the widgets, in promotional materials also present a wide variety of shapes and sizes of banners on the most popular tourist destinations. Select, install! If you can not find your desired banner - write to us. We will do it for you, and add in promotional materials.
To install the banner, as is the case with the widget, you just need to go to the appropriate tab banners in promotional materials, to copy the code of the desired banner and place it on your site.




White Label - special module, which provides all the necessary functionality for booking transfer: from finding to payment!
To install you also need just to simply copy and paste the code of module to the desired location on your site.



You have a a resource with good traffic. And you want to enhance its monetization. What do you need for that?
Of course, relevant content and relevant links.

Here is an example of how you should not to do.

You have a description of an object: the country, the airport or hotel. And if there is text, for example, about that the hotel can be reached in 20 minutes by taxi - such text will not bring you income.

How to fix the situation? It's simple: you can add a text link with a proposal to book a transfer service straight to this hotel.
To do this, use the search form of transfer on Intui.travel, or find the route via the rubricator, and get a link to it. Add to this link the parameter "&partnerID=your_partner_id" - now for all bookings via this link you will get revenue.
Next, place the resulting link in the text on your site. Thus, the client in addition to the booked hotel also will book a transfer.

Landing is performed directly on the route from the airport to the hotel. Relevant content - relevant Offer - relevant landing. Conversion is several times higher than landing just on transfers in the country, or from the airport. Because in this case, most landing approximately corresponds to the expectations of the client.



And finally, I would like to remind you that ahead of the winter season.
What awaits us in the winter? Of course, this leisure and active pastime.
Intui offers many routes to the most popular ski resorts. We have a special section on the ski transfers. One of its features is that the vehicles are equipped according to the routes for carriage of skis and ski equipment.
Also, promotional materials we presented widgets and banners on relevant topics.

Pick the relevant banners, relevant widgets. Place on a page with a description of the ski resorts. This information will be useful, valuable, and it certainly will take advantage of your visitor and you monetize your resource even more.



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