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Intui now has one more country on the map of transfer routes. Meet the Seychelles!


Seychelles became the 145th country where you can book a transfer for your customers with the help of Intui. Mahe, one of the main islands and on which the capital is located, is also a transportation hub for island flights and day trips to neighboring islands and all other islands in the Seychelles. On Mahe, of course there are beautiful hotels, hidden in radiant coves and colorful local markets, where your tourists will spend a carefree vacation time.



At Intui, you can book the service of the local transport companies - convenient transfers will help your customers arrive at the hotel or to the next local airport or port to reach their “own” small island. Or back to the airport for the departure flight. And do not hope in the case of "possibly-cheaper-local-boy-on-car"! Intui has always excellent prices that are equal to comfort.


The paradise islands have a philosophical attitude towards life, and the local “akuna-matata” is completely alien to me. Therefore, booking a transfer for your tourists, you will already be sure that they will be exactly where you need it and when you need it. And clients will spend their time on wonderful, unearthly islands not in earthly troubles, but in the enjoyment of paradise remembering you and us with gratitude!

And yet, the transfer in the Seychelles is a great way to earn an agency fee - an average check for the service there is about 65 EUR.


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