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We are happy to present you the new method for partners working via API wide Intui -  GEO - GEO.

An innovative algorithm allows you to search for transfers without an IATA code from any type of transport hub and to any geo point: airport, port, railway station, etc.

Thus, we get the ability to search and book transfers:

- from city to city
- from hotel to hotel
- from airport to airport
- from any point to any point

GEO - GEO was created to find available routes, cars, transport companies by given point-to-point coordinates in one request.

You will find the location of the method in the Sandbox, GetAvailCar section:



Example of using:

You need to find transfer options from the city center of Antalya to the hotel in Side. You enter the necessary GPS data in GetAvailCar tab by choosing the Geo-Geo method

The system immediately provides you with all available transportation hubs and possible routes, cars, local transport companies in one request.

The advantage of the GEO - GEO method is the absence of the need to match the location bases, you simply enter the geo coordinates of the necessary points, and the unique Intui algorithm selects the necessary information for booking according to your parameters.

You can test this method yourself here.