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How can we increase the level of quality and usability of the platform for our partners? - we thought.

The answer was found and successfully implemented.

Two new functions have become available on Partner.Intui, which are especially relevant for travel agencies and online travel agencies.


Invoices for completed transfers.

Now you can download invoices for each successfully completed transfer in pdf format.

To receive an invoice for the transfer service, you need:

1. Log in to your partner’s personal account at partner.intui.travel
2. Enter the desired order on the tab "Orders and Reports"
3. Click on the button “Get invoice

4. Next, select from the list or fill in the form fields yourself and click the "Save invoice PDF" button

Autocomplete of fields for document formation occurs when filled fields in the partner’s personal account on the tab "Profile"

It is enough to enter information into them once, so that the data for the invoice will be automatically substituted in the future.


Proforma invoices

When replenishing the partner balance on Intui, you have the opportunity to download a pdf-proforma invoice for the amount for a bank transfer.

To receive a proforma invoice, you need:

1. Log in to your partner’s personal account at partner.intui.travel
2. Go to the tab "Orders and Reports"
3. Go to the "Proforma-Invoices" sub-tab

4. Next, choose the required document and click "Download." Done!


All movements of funds and reporting on them in one place and with maximum transparency!

Hint: Remember that we have a great feature “Users”. If you give access to the personal account of your managers, they will also be able to download proforma-invoices for bank transfers and invoices for completed transfer services, making life easier for the head of agency and accounting department.

If you have a great idea to improve the work of the partner dashboard on Intui - write to us at partner@intui.travel and we will definitely consider it!