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The hottest time of travel has already come - soon the high season!

Intui is pleased to present a promotion for webmasters. Great opportunity to earn a commission and an impressive +100$ bonus!

The essence:

We give +100$ bonus to the main commission of webmasters, subject to the availability of 150 paid and completed transfers within the terms of the campaign.


Requirements for participants:

You must be a registered user of Intui affiliate program

What to do to get +100$ bonus:

Actively pour and convert traffic into purchases, offering Intui transfers to users of your resource in any direction.

We advise you to pay special attention to popular summer destinations:











Prize pool:

All participants of the promotion who would have from 150 paid and completed transfers at the end of the promotion will receive +100USD bonus to the main remuneration payment from these reservations.

What does the completed order mean?

This is an order that has CF status at the time of the end of the promotion.


4 months

from 1.05.2019 to 31.08.2019

Results summarized:  September 2019.

Payment of bonuses in October 2019.



1 If the number of executed bookings would be more than minimal possible (150 CF) for the period of the end of the promotion, the bonus amount does not double.

2 Traffics allowed: contextual advertising on the brand, click-under, pop-up, email newsletter, groups and pages on social networks, targeted advertising on social networks, instant messengers, Youtube traffic.

3 If the order is paid, but not yet executed at the end of the promotion (does not have CF status) or canceled, then such an order is not taken into account.

4 This promotion is for webmastesr only. If the reservations came from marketing agencies, CPA networks, API wide or OTA website then the bonus is not paid.

5 European partners the bonus payment would be proceede due to European Central Bank exchange rate.

Are you ready earn summer season revenue and pick up your +100$ Bonus?