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Care for partners and attention to their needs is one of the key vectors of cooperation for Intui. We selected the agents' requests and made the platform functional update.



At the request of agents, we have updated the format for obtaining data on services booked or completed for our partners - Statement.

Previously, the document could be downloaded in PDF format in the agent’s personal account. With innovation, automation was added - now partners receive a Statement in automatic mode in CSV or PDF format, the manual download mode of the document remains as active. The CSV document is more convenient to use, since it can be converted to the XLS format or export the file to your system to process the information in a few clicks.



For quick communication with representatives of Intui transport companies, we added the possibility of communication via instant messengers Whatsapp, Wechat, Viber.

The ability to communicate with the carrier via instant messengers is listed at the booking vouchers and for partners working via API is available in the methods GetAvailableCars and GetBooking details

Please note that the availability of communication with carriers via instant messengers is displayed only if the carrier has one.


Carrier response time

For partners working under the API, information became available on the decision-making time of the transportation company for booking (Response time).

This allows, if necessary, to filter carriers that are most preferable for a partner by response time.

Information is available in the GetAvailableCars method.


Number of completed orders and carrier vehicle rating

Another new feature in the API is variables with information on the number of completed orders by the transport company for the type of car TP2 and TS 2 and the rating of cars derived from the reviews of transfers already made by the supplier.

What is it for?

So that the partners on their side could select the transport companies for a given estimate or display the vehicle rating of the selected carrier on their website.

This update can also be tracked in the GetAvailableCars method.

If you have a great idea to improve the platform, write to us at partner@intui.travel and we will definitely consider it!