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360 km of ski runs or 12 black and 37 red? Known and noisy or cozy and secluded? With offers of personal transfers from airports to ski resorts, on Intui.travel transfer, you can now choose any place for your client's rest: from the airport to the mountains, to the resort, you can comfortably, even with equipment and children! Booking special transfers for skiers is opened now: personal transfers by car, equipped for skis and snowboards transportation, are ready to be booked.

Intui.travel transfer offers personal ski transfers on a variety of routes to the ski resorts of Europe, Canada, and Russia. The most popular airports for skiers traditionally are Denver, Geneva, Marseille, Munich, Turin, and the Marco Polo airport.


Take care of your customers and clients and provide them special transfer for easy and comfortable transportation to a ski resort. Skis, snowboards, and other equipment will be easily brought to a resort. Special transfers to ski resorts are carefully organized and scheduled, are operated at a strict tariff, so you can make your surcharges.


Booking transfer to a ski resort, your client is able to choose from different classes and size cars. Intui.travel transfer offers minibuses and minivans for 8 persons for big companies with eight places for luggage.



For the trip to a luxury resort, your client can choose a business class car, or a less expensive car for the family trip.

Let your clients and users know about ski transfers ASAP and book a transfer beforehand because a lot of travelers go to these resorts from all over the world and number of cars is limited.

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