Main pageNewsWebmasters: Improved TOP-3 widget!

We have good news!

TOP-3 widget improved: fixed frame resizing bugs and increased response speed!

How useful is the TOP-3 widget?

TOP-3 is a good relevant addition to the content of the site page directory.

Top offers are always visible and with current prices.

By pressing the “Search” button, the user sees the first three cars at once.

+ you can load subsequent offers by clicking on the arrow and choose the best option

By clicking on Order - The user immediately appears on the page of registration and payment of the order .

Intui's cool White Label helps you monetize your website and turn your website visitor into a customer. White Label can be customized to a specific airport or ski resort route.

Example of TOP-3 with the specified settings:


Parameters that can be set for the TOP-3 widget:

- Language (EN, RU, DE, FR, IT, ES, CN)
- 18 currencies
- 7 color schemes
- Transport hub
- Resort / Hotel
- On / off Powered by Intui.

Here you can quickly configure and install the TOP-3 widget on your website

And choose others of useful Intui widgets


Relevant and accurate links in the tools in the content of your site increase conversion - users only need to choose the dates of the trip and the model of the car.