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Mysterious and friendly Asia has opened its hot embrace for the tourists. As always, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Sri Lanka remain the most popular for visiting the "beach" countries. If your tourist prefers to relax and work on his tan this winter, offer him a comfortable transfer from the airport.

A well-timed transfer of professional transport companies will take your tourists to their holiday destination: whether it's a villa on a mountain, overlooking the sea or a hotel on an island.


Destination # 1 Thailand


Ah, this is the sweet word "Thailand"! Imagination immediately draws water of aquamarine color and large friendly elephants. This country is not in vain called "country of smiles", because everything here is saturated with happiness. Sincere and friendly locals, narrow streets and wide beaches - it is simply impossible to remain indifferent. Due to the central location in South-East Asia and the largest in the region from north to south, Thailand has the most diverse climate, so the crops of the main crops are harvested several times a year, and the tourist season "flows" from one climatic zone to another, making Thailand one of the few all-the-year-round tourist centers in the world.



Who will enjoy a holiday in Thailand?


Rest in Thailand is suitable for lovers to luxuriate in the sun, and active travelers. Recreation opportunities in this country are endless.


What to do in Thailand?


Snorkeling, swimming, diving, hiking, elephant riding, visiting waterfalls, speedboating, exploring local markets, sleeping in a hammock, eating fresh seafood and getting a perfect tan, perhaps the list goes on forever.


Transfers on the popular routes of Thailand, which you can offer to your tourists:


Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport - Bangkok city center district | from 12 EUR


Bangkok is as intoxicating as it is diverse; explosion of exotic scents, interesting sights and visual delights. It is a city with endless layers that you need to explore in order to find out the hidden secrets. If your tourist plans a trip to Bangkok - or Krong-Pep, as it is called in Thai - make sure that he has enough time to see some of those treasures that made this city famous. It will take at least three days to see the traditional attractions: Kaohsan Road, Grand Royal Palace in Bangkok, Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaew, the Oceanarium and the Madame Tussauds Museum (Wax Museum), Chatuchak Market, Lumpini Park , the market of amulets and this list can be continued.


Utapao Pattaya Airport - Koh Chang Pier | from 163 EUR


Koh Chang is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand with long white sandy beaches. This enchanting island is home to a diverse wildlife nature, including many species of birds, deer and elephants. Koh Chang and his surroundings are excellent places for diving and tropical trekking. "Opening" island as a tourist destination since 2000 led to a large and rapid development, but it is not yet as popular as Phuket or Koh Samui. At the height of the season here is quite quiet, that many will seem rather an advantage thana disadvantage.


Koh Samui airport - Chaweng | from 11 EUR


Chaweng is the most popular resort town on Koh Samui. From here extends the longest sand strip of the island - about seven kilometers, including Chaweng Noah. The central part of Chaweng is the most crowded, and access to the beach itself is possible only through hotels built right on it. Chaweng Beach is the main attraction here, in addition to Wat Khao, a Buddhist temple towering at the north end of the city. Sports, leisure and nightlife are very developed in Chaweng, they are aimed at attracting an increasing number of visitors to this exotic place.


Krabi Airport - Khao Lak | from 83 EUR


Khao Lak, located just an hour's drive north of Phuket on the magnificent coast of the Andaman coast, is one of the quietest resorts in Thailand. At least three national parks are enclosed by surrounding hills that stretch to this beautiful stretch of coast with beaches that pass for miles. Khao Lak offers a rare oasis for relaxation, with an excellent combination of cool rainforest, a beautiful beach and luxurious white sand. After visiting this place, it is reasonable to assume that these are the most magnificent beaches in Thailand. In Khao Lak, there are many newly constructed and refurbished resort areas, providing an amount equal to the quality of accommodation.


Phuket Airport - Patong Beach | from 10 EUR


Patong is the most famous beach resort in Phuket. Due to its wide variety of activities and nightlife, Patong is an ideal place for parties and games. Nightlife, which includes literally hundreds of restaurants, pubs, Go Go Bars and, of course, nightclubs here literally boils. All night leisure is concentrated around Soi Bangla (Bangla Road), however there are quiet areas of the city. Tourists who hope to immerse themselves in the exotic East can not find it here. Brightly lit streets, neon lights and the chaotic atmosphere of Patong can be one of the decisive factors for returning to this wonderful place.


Don Muang Bangkok Airport - Damnehon Suduac | from 59 EUR


Damnoen Saduak is considered one of the well-known and attractive places for traveling. Currently, Damnéon Suduac is one of the provincial districts of the province of Rajburi. Local residents live tightly along both sides of the canal from one end to the other. Most of these people are farmers. They grow several different kinds of fruits and vegetables, for example oranges, grapes, papayas, cabbages. The land in this area is naturally fertile. Floating market annually attracts thousands of tourists and is already deservedly considered one of the sights of Thailand.



Destination # 2 Indonesia


Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. Not surprisingly, there are many fascinating places, especially in the beach sector. Indonesia is no less popular with its natural resources. Because of its natural beauty, it has become a popular tourist destination, which is coveted by both local and international travelers. In Indonesia, there are hundreds of national parks that need to be visited. One of them is the Komodo National Park - the only komodo habitat in the world. For fans of mountaineering, the Carstensian pyramid is proposed - this mountain was once shrouded in eternal snow.The natural and pristine atmosphere of this country is created to remain forever in the memory of the traveler.



Who will enjoy a holiday in Indonesia?


Depending on what type of recreation is interesting for your tourists, whether they plan to move mostly on foot or by taxi / car / scooter, whether they are important to the proximity of the beach or surf spots, it is better to choose one or another area.

- For young people and those who want to hang out and anneal every day: Kuta and Seminyak.

- For surfers: Changgu or Bukit Peninsula.

- For those who are looking for an exclusive beach holiday: Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur.

- For seekers of seclusion in the greenery of rice terraces and who does not need the ocean: Ubud, Amed and Chandidasa.


What to do in Indonesia?


The incredible array of islands of Indonesia offers adventures that you will not try in your whole life. Indonesia the best place for:


- Sailing, on the shimmering Indonesian seas to the hidden tropical shores

- Diving with a rare stinging jellyfish, which is found only in the Derawan region

- Relax on the "deserted" island, where there is only sun, sea and surfing.


Transfers on the popular routes of Indonesia, which you can offer to your tourists:


Denpasar Bali Airport - Ubud | from 21 EUR


Ubud is located on the heights of Bali and represents a completely different atmosphere in contrast to such lively and vibrant places as Kuta or Seminyak. This part of the island has long been known as a cultural capital. Here you will find colorful art galleries, interesting museums and exquisite temples. If you are looking for solitude and tranquility, then Ubud is the place that is worth visiting. Ubud offers a break from everyday life and plunge into the river of silence. In the past, Ubud was a small village on the outskirts, nowadays it has turned into a thriving tourist place, but still retains authenticity. Ubud spoils the souls and bodies of its visitors. Exquisite restaurants and resorts will delight and relax the feelings of your tourists. Walking through the lush rice fields is a great chance to watch women in bright clothes gracefully balancing with piles of fruit on their way to the temple - a sight that will forever remain in your memory. Ubud is the ideal place to experience spiritual awakening and enlightenment.


Denpasar Bali Airport - Jimbaran | from 6 EUR


Jimbaran is a large sea town in Bali, standing on the golden sands leading to limestone cliffs. Jimbaran is a favorite place for surfers, with lots of beaches scattered all over the area. This city is best known for its seafood restaurants. Walking along the beach you can buy fresh seafood and immediately try them at a local cafe, paying the chef for cooking. Scuba diving and other water sports are very popular in Jimbaran. If your tourist wants to plunge headlong into the noisy atmosphere of the city, then he was lucky, because Jimbaran is located close enough to the huge number of attractions in Bali. A quiet beach holiday and an active city are easily combined in this wonderful place.


Other proposals for Densapar airport:


Denpasar Bali Airport - Ayana | from 13 EUR


Denpasar Bali Airport - Ligian | from 6 EUR


Denpasar Bali Airport - Lovina | from 36 EUR



Destination # 3 Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, long known as Ceylon, is now quite popular with experienced travelers. Here, those who enjoy natural beauty, exotic animals and plants, ancient ruins and endless beaches with yellow sand like to rest. On the territory of this small island (an area of ​​65 thousand square kilometers) are located immediately nine objects that UNESCO has added to the World Heritage List. Buddhist temples are high in the mountains and deep in caves, magnificent parks with lush vegetation and birds that have come here for the winter from all over the world, charming lagoons with coconut palms and clear water and endless tea plantations. Here you can spend hours watching dolphins and whale sharks. From interesting places you can visit Anuradhapura, a large ancient city. Another ancient city - Sigiriya - stands on top of the mountain. The largest collection of Buddha statues you will find in Dambulla, in the temple inside the cave. The Gull Vihara Temple in Polonnaruwa is the main attraction of the island. Tea plantations will open before your eyes in the city of Nuwara Eliya.


Who will enjoy a holiday in Sri Lanka?


Extreme lovers like alloys on mountain rivers, windsurfing and numerous dive sites. The underwater world of Ceylon is rich in coral reefs and unusual fish. But the main thing that dives in Sri Lanka is underwater rocks, caves and sunken ships.

Sri Lanka is ideal for those tourists who are very important for natural beauty. You can admire the natural beauties and exotic birds, and animals in any national park of Sri Lanka.


What to do in Sri Lanka?


Diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, high-speed boat rental, hiking, beach vacation and endless excursions for every taste.


Transfers on popular routes in Sri Lanka that you can offer to your tourists:


Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport - Negombo | from 10 EUR


Negombo is a rapidly developing resort of Sri Lanka. This is the first place that all tourists try to get to. And it's the easiest way to get to him. Once upon a time ships sailed from Europe to Europe, loaded with spices. The choice of hotels here is wide, for every taste and purse. You can rent a boat and ride on all the waterways of the town. In Negombo there is one of the most popular in the country Buddhist temples - Agurukaramulla. On religious days, thousands of pilgrims are flocking here, not only from Sri Lanka, but also from neighboring Asian states. In neighboring Kelani is the most revered Buddhist temple of Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara. This is simply a grandiose structure with large halls, huge statues and columns, with paintings from the life of the Buddha. You can also eat here on the beaches, where seafoods are cooked in numerous kiosks on open fire, and in good restaurants in the city center. The main street stretches along the coast, it is completely built up with hotels, shops and restaurants. The cafe serves local spicy dishes, both European and other Asian dishes.


Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport - Sigiriya | from 53 EUR


Sigiriya is an ancient stone fortress located in the northern area of ​​Matala near the city of Dambulla in the Central Province. The Lion's staircase, leading to the palace garden on top of the cliff, is the most important feature of this geological masterpiece. Particularly noteworthy is the complex construction of the staircase - this is a tiled walkway that emerges from the open mouth of the beast, from which it takes its name. This huge stone, called by UNESCO a world heritage, is full of archaeological significance. Another feature that attracts thousands of tourists every year is the preserved frescoes and paintings.


Other offers of Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport:


Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport - Hunas Waterfall | from 48 EUR


Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport - Mount Lavinia | from 25 EUR


Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport - Bentota | from 39 EUR



Destination # 4 UAE


United Arab Emirates is a country of eastern fairy tales with European comfort. This amazing place with a unique color meets its guests cordially and offers them all imaginable kinds of entertainment: from sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water and shopping to safari and camel races. The local people are able and like to entertain tourists, and do it masterfully. Strict upbringing in the traditions of Islam plus respect for the European habits of visitors make rest in this country simply unforgettable and easy.


The UAE is located in the south-west of Asia, on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The Persian and Omani bays all year round to beach rest: you can swim here in winter and in summer. The UAE, and in particular Dubai, is considered the world capital of shopping. You can buy everything here that only the imagination is capable of: from dates and camel milk to exclusive cars and oriental carpets. All the world's brands that you can only recall will be found in large shopping centers. And the eastern markets provide an excellent opportunity to see the Arabian curiosities and bargain for them from the heart. By the way, be sure to bargain with the sellers, here it is accepted. In addition, there are always discounts during the Trade Festival (for the New Year).


Who will enjoy a holiday in the UAE?


In the UAE will not be bored to anyone, whether you are an avid lover of shopping, or a married couple with children, or a young man accustomed to the night life.


What to do in the UAE?


This country will give everyone traditional Arab entertainment like camel races, water sports - from diving to water parachutes, will charm the luxury of Arab palaces, captivate cool oases in the desert. Shopping lovers here have a special expanse: all brands of the world sell their goods in this hot country. And all this - with the unchangeable Eastern courtesy and respect.


Transfers on popular UAE routes that you can offer to your tourists:


Dubai Airport - Dubai Downtown | from 14 EUR


The second largest and most popular tourist city is Dubai, the largest shopping and business center of the East. This is a real paradise for those who like to shop around. All the world's brands that you can only recall will be found in large shopping centers. And the eastern markets provide an excellent opportunity to see the Arabian curiosities and bargain for them from the heart. By the way, be sure to advise your tourists with the sellers, here it is accepted. In addition, Dubai is constantly discounts during the Trade Festival (for the New Year), the Summer Fair, sales and just without reason. In addition, if you pay in cash, you can get an even bigger discount from the seller! Shops are usually open from 9 to 13 hours and from 16 to 20 from Saturday to Thursday. Many supermarkets for the sake of tourists work around the clock. In Dubai, there are often conferences and meetings at the highest level, businessmen and politicians, this wonderful city meets eastern luxury and chic. Those who like to rest are noisy, fun, in a big way, gladly choose the fussy and bright Dubai.


Dubai Airport - Sharjah | from 18 EUR


More quiet and quiet in difference from Dubai Sharjah, suitable for beach and cultural recreation. The white sand of its beaches and many attractions make this city an ideal place for a family holiday. Museums will acquaint your tourists with the history of the East from the earliest times, parks will give coolness on a hot day and delight for a look, and palaces of the Arab nobility attract the views of visitors strolling around the city.


Dubai Airport - Fujairah | from 43 EUR


Fujairah in recent years is increasingly popular with tourists, including from Russia. This emirate can be called the brightest in terms of natural colors and clean beaches. This has not yet reached the skyscrapers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but tourist attractions are no less than the capital. Fujairau was chosen by divers because of the unique beauty of underwater reefs. Historical monuments and the Friday market surprise and enchant no less than, for example, local bullfights and race boats.


Other offers for UAE:


Dubai Airport - Ras Al Khaimah | from 34 EUR


Dubai Airport - Jebel Ali | from 24 EUR


Dubai World Central Airport - Media City | from 22 EUR


Dubai World Central Airport - Jumeirah Palm Area | from 21 EUR



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