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How to transmit subID and upload the list of orders with details

To receive the booked and completed orders, you need to use the following method:
where to send in the request
where XXXXXX is your partner ID
where YYYYYY is your account password
and dates from ... to ...
If you have then in order to receive information in the response and on sub-partners
For this it is necessary for deep links to use the following URL structure:{partner_id}&subID=rfjhifijw
As the value of subID can be used any Latin characters + numbers without spaces.
Then in the unloading there will be for each order a Sub sub-partner of your sub-partner
To view the values in the specified currency RUB or EUR, you need to add as a Get-parameter to the URL of the page:
& curr = EUR
& curr = RUB
Example of a response:
[{"partner_profit":"244.39","order_number":"12604","date_add":"2016-05-26 09:48:33","total_price":"3054.88","description":"Rhodes Airport -Theologos / Theologos-Rhodes Airport ","status":"paid","executed":"0","currency":"EUR","status_synchronization":"CP","BookingReference":"EUEUR-5439121","subID":"83ylfsc0c"},{"partner_profit":"162.90","order_number":"12411","date_add":"2016-05-14 20:50:54","total_price":"2036.26","description":"Kos Airport-Psalidi / Psalidi-Kos Airport","status":"paid","executed":"0","currency":"EUR","status_synchronization":"CP","BookingReference":"EUTR-5399058","subID":"hu15iw9pb"},{"partner_profit":"41.00","order_number":"2810","date_add":"2016-06-06 00:24:48","total_price":"517.5","description":"Gelendzhic airport -Gelendzhik","status":"created","executed":0,"currency":"EUR","status_synchronization":"NI","subID":"ai8frc9e8"},{"partner_profit":"335.00","order_number":"2719","date_add":"2016-06-01 19:41:29","total_price":"4191.85","description":"Dubai Airport -Dubai City Centre / Dubai City Centre-Dubai Airport ","status":"paid","executed":"1","currency":"EUR","status_synchronization":"CP","subID":"bwmg388x"}]
The Selection mechanism does not work by the date of the order, but by the date of its execution.
What is  what :
Main  statuses is need to  make  anailize by  variable
The variable can take 4 values (as well as in the dashboard in the statistics tab):
СХ: Canceled ; 
СР: Paid - not completed; 
СF: Paid - completed; 
NI: Not paid
Is  more important for you  the status CF - Paid - completed,  when you can  remitte  to your sub-Partner 
The status in the variable "status" contains more extended information:
created - created (not paid before payment) (NI)
accepted - transfer created, paid, pending (CP)
changed - the details of the paid transfer are changed and are on the supplier's confirmation (CP)
not_accepted - paid by the client, but not confirmed by the supplier (CX)
process_canceled - sent for cancellation (CX)
canceled - transfer canceled (CX)
payment_error - payment error (NI)
paid - paid (CP or CF depending on executed)
made - was paid and committed (CF)
If the status is paid and made - the variable executed = 1, this means that the transfer is completed and you can calculate the partner commission
(corresponds to the general status status_synchronization = CF)
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