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And we have a new design and new widgets

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Intui tools strive to be modern and convenient, like transfers from our partners - professional transport companies. In the new year, we want to please you with a new, lightweight widget and White Label design.

First, let's remember what are widgets.

Widgets – these are small interactive blocks that are designed to perform specific functions or provide certain information. Our widgets youYou can customize it completely to your taste - personalize and customize it the way you want. The content is adaptive, so the widget will fit perfectly on your website.

The following tools have received a new look:

It's time to get acquainted!

About everything and in order:


1)White Label (WL)

White label - ready-to-install search and booking form under your brand. She's the same sales module for your website!

Main advantages of WL Intui:


White label
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For a more precise proposal in WL, you can preset the airport, resort, language, color scheme and your personal slogan above the form.


2)Widget Classic.

         Our classic widget, in a new style, which includes a full range of options for searching for a transfer.

Classic widget
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3)One row widget.

         A compact and convenient widget in a new design that will fit perfectly on any page of your website.

One row widgets
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4)One field widget.

         Compact and most useful tool. Literally one field and one click to order a transfer.

One field widgets
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5)TOP 3 cars widget.

         This tool is also now available in a new form. Try it in every color palette on your site. And our algorithm will show the three best options for a comfortable trip.

Top 3 pop cars
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         And of course, we will remind you about recent releases.

Pop Countries

         Offers for purchase transfers to countries that most attract the audience depending on the user's country.

Pop countries
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Pop Destinations

         This widget allows you to offer transfers for purchase that are in greater demand among visitors within a certain country.

Pop destination
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We strive to provide partners with a modern and intuitive design of tools for easy sales. Install and look at your site in a new way!

Have questions about installing and configuring new Intui widgets?

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