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Take control of orders from Personal Account  at partner.intui.travel


Review, edit, cancel, print out voucher with or without price and make new ones just in one click – all of that created for agencies at Intui.travel.


Partner ID will automatically added to that order


And a lot more: Intui travel transfer recognize your order by email. In this case, agent just has to perform an order to agency's email, provided in profile of Personal account. And than, that order will be automatically added to the orders of agent for reward record.
Previously made bookings by agency are displayed in Agency's account (partner.intui.travel/your ID) from Personal account on Intui.travel. Only on condition if emails match (are all the same) in Agency's account (partner) and in Personal account (intui.travel)


And now, to sign in to Agency's account is more convenient and fast - you can do it from the main page.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas of how to improve our interface? Write to us! We will surely take it into consideration.

Have a great sales, Intui.travel transfer team