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The pandemic has long been no barrier to travel in 2021. If you think otherwise, then you are not yet familiar with the digital passport system. A digital passport (EDUCC) will help you travel freely, track your condition with Covid-19, and quarantine around the world. Find out what you need to get it, where it is stored, and how quickly to get it. We live at a time when EDUCC is needed and will help to feel confident in a period of epidemiological situation.

 The EU Digital Health Certificate (EDUCC) will allow tourists to relax during the COVID-19.

   Travel and recreation will finally become available. A year later, after the pandemic that swept the world, it was decided for tourists to introduce digital covid certificates that would remove travel restrictions to 27 Europe countries.
   EDUCC (digital green pass) is the personal document of each tourist. Inside, information that is associated with coronavirus is indicated: vaccination, PCR-test, the presence of antibodies, quarantine. The data is presented as a QR code and is strictly encrypted.

   Which vaccines are included in EDUCC and are considered safe and effective?

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   There are several safe and effective vaccines that prevent serious human diseases from COVID-19.
   In 2021, WHO (World Health Organization) assessed that the following vaccines against coronavirus infection met the necessary safety and effectiveness criteria:

1. Vaccine AstraZeneca/Oxford. 

2. Johnson and Johnson. 

3. Moderna.

4. Pfizer / BionTech.

5. Sinopharm.

6. Sinovac. 

   Which tests are best passed?

   Two types of tests will be considered recognized:

Can I get a vaccine passport if I haven't been vaccinated?

 A doctor vaccinates a man with a vaccine against Covid-19.
   If you do not have vaccination status, then do not worry. 
   Your national authority will be responsible for issuing EUDCC to those eligible. This will be delivered as a digital pass that can be stored on the mobile device, but paper versions may also be requested.
   Both versions of the certification use the QR code in which the information is stored and a digital signature that guarantees its authenticity.
   You should check your government's website for information on how to apply for EUDCC.

   How much will an EDUCC certificate cost?

   How do they work?  It is free for anyone who has decided to get it. The document is issued free of charge in digital or paper format and will indicate that its bearer was vaccinated against coronavirus, recently received a negative test result or was cured of infection.

   When will digital certificates be available for use?

Leisure it is forbidden by restrictive measures of Covid-19.
   The system will be accepted from June 2021. According to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, it will work «within a few days» and then the EU countries will be able to start checking it.
   Each state itself decides how soon to introduce digital vaccination certificates, but the maximum allotted period is six weeks.

   Where can I access my test against Covid-19?

   It is better not to worry about this. The Geneva-based Common Trust Network has developed the CommonPass application. You can upload the results of a test to this service for COVID-19 or confirmation of receipt of a vaccine, as well as other medical data.
   A similar application was developed by the IT giant IBM. It is called Digital Health Pass and allows businesses and other institutions to configure the indicators that are required to visit their institutions. This could be both a coronavirus test and a temperature check, as well as vaccination records - all of which will be available on the phone.

   Will digital certificates against COVID-19 speed border opening?

   Proponents of the introduction of certificates are confident that this rule will open the borders of other countries faster. Of course, the journey with such a document becomes more real, but this does not mean that quarantine will disappear altogether.
Conditions of entry to any country remain different. Somewhere you need a PCR test done in 72 hours, and somewhere the borders remain closed to.
Electronic certificates determine one procedure for a vacationer, which makes it easier to prepare for a trip and monitor the procedure in the future.

   How long will the EDUCC act?

   The validity of the system will depend on how relevant the certificates are at a particular time. The findings will be based on the scientific data and regulations of each EU country.
   The EU claims that certificates are strictly related to the pandemic. Once the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the end of an emergency, the certificate system will be completed.
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