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Dear partners and representatives of travel agencies!

In this article, we would like to tell you about the benefits of transfer from Intui.travel and how to use them to increase the conversion and your income.


According to Boxever in 2015, 61% of consumers want offers targeted to where they are and what they are doing, and 56% of consumers want offers tailored to their interests and needs.


How to find a transfer?

It so happened than it's often a big challenge for the client to find the right route of transfer. We all know that customers book the hotels, apartments or villas. But most sites offering search the transfers to resorts. But customers do not know in which resort is booked their hotel!

With Intui.travel this problem is solved. Forget about the Resort! On the Intui.travel users can search routes of transfer by name of the hotel, by address of the hotel. Moreover, users can book a transfer to any address, just by specifying the destination on the map!


Use the narrow landings in the articles, because the more precise landing, the higher conversion.
Posted an article about the hotel? Give visitors a link to transfer right to this hotel!
Article about the airport? And landing should be on the routes from this airport!


Remember about the economy segment.

On the Intui.travel there are various types of vehicles, which include economical shuttle basses. But this is a whole segment of the market!

A huge percentage of the travelers who leave your site after seeing the prices of individual transfer, would be pleased to book a transfer by shuttle-bus, if they had this opportunity. Give it to them, using the tools of Intui.travel. Just imagine, how much more orders you can get!


Give a choice to the customers. Suggest both individual transfers and shuttle transfers. And let them to make a choice based on their requirements and capabilities.


Area of coverage.

Intui.travel is more than 4 000 000 routes of transfers in113 countries of the world! Our database covers popular routes, which are not presented on the other sites. For example - water transfers in Venice and Crabi.


The summer season has begun!

Remind, that especially for you we have selected the most popular tourism destinations of summer season and made new collection of banners for it.

In addition, we have added to this banners some animation to make them more clickable.

These and others banners, and also other instruments (widgets and iframe) always available in your personal account of Intui.travel affiliate program.


Offer relevant transfers from Intui.travel and earn money!