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Valentine's Day Traditions 2021

Today we want to acquaint you with the traditions of celebrating Valentine's Day in different countries. Who knows, maybe it will be one of your clients' requests - to celebrate Valentine's Day in another country? :)

One of the finest gifts you can get is a romantic trip. And not only couples can pamper themselves - mom or dad can please their dear family. There are no boundaries for love!

Thanks to convenient personal transfers from the airport or train station, the travel time will be devoted to feelings and wonderful emotions!

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How Valentine's Day is celebrated in Spain?

 present on Dia de St.Jordi
     The Spaniards skip Valentine's Day on 14 February. Instead, they celebrate the "Dia de St. Jordi" on April 23rd. On the day of Saint Gregory the men are given books and the women receive a single red rose from their husbands. This day is intended to commemorate the national hero Gregor, the heroic dragon slayer.
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Valentine's Day in Germany.

 Valentine's Day Gift.
     Valentine's Day only became known in Germany in the middle of the 20th century, when US soldiers stationed in Germany brought the custom with them from America.
In 2021 lovers mainly give each other flowers, most often red roses, to show affection for one another. But pretty Valentine's Day cards and sweets are also very popular!
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Is the "Valentine's capital" in Poland?

 Sweet gifts for Valentine's Day.
     The worldwide "Valentine's capital" is probably in Poland - in the small town of Chelmno. A relic of St. Valentine is kept in the parish church of St. Mary. How to celebrate Valentine's Day? In Chelmno, this day is a big holiday and is accordingly celebrated in the "city of lovers". Every year a service is held in memory of Saint Valentine and thousands of red balloons are raised into the sky. In the evenings, lovers can attend numerous events and concerts. If you want to say yes here on this special day, you have to register the appointment in Chelmno years in advance at the registry office.
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Festival Qixi in China.

Traditions of China for Valentine's Day.
     The Chinese counterpart to Valentine's Day is the Chinese festival Qixi, the festival of lovers. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this falls on the evening of the 7th day of the 7th month and thus in August. The day is based on a legend. On that evening it was possible for a poor shepherd boy and a weaver girl, two stars separated in the sky by a Milky Way, to be together for one night.
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Is Valentine's Day celebrated in India?

Couple in love on Valentine's Day.
     Couples really have something to celebrate on Valentine's Day: They are under police protection and are allowed to walk through the streets undisturbed, holding hands. Something that would be completely unthinkable any other day. The lovers surprise themselves on this day with letters, flowers and small gifts.

When Valentine's Day is celebrated in Russia?

A bouquet of roses as a gift for Valentine's Day.
     Valentine's Day actually has no tradition in Russia. It is celebrated on 14 February.  As in other western countries, people here give each other flowers or chocolate. A day on which women are pampered by the whole family is International Women's Day on March 8th. Since it is a national holiday, there is no work. International Women's Day is a kind of combination of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day and has nothing to do with the fight of the feminists.
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What do couples give each other in the UK? 

Valentine's Day gifts in the UK.
     Valentine's Day has a long tradition in the United Kingdom. Cards and letters with love poems and short messages are very popular as gifts. In the United Kingdom, Valentine's Day Wishes are mostly sent anonymously, even to lovers and married partners. Valentine's Day in the United Kingdom is also a special day for children. They go from house to house and sing songs about love and friendship. In return they get sweets, fruits and pocket money.
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An unusual tradition for Valentine's Day in Italy. 

Locks of love in Italy.
     In Italy, lovers hang love locks on bridge railings as a symbol of solidarity. Often the couple's initials are engraved. The key is thrown into the water together.
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