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Partner's multi-user Account at Intui.travel gives your company the ability to differentiate the rights of access to information and actions. Due to different roles, working with finances, information, orders is now easier and safer: each employee will have access to a certain piece of information and can only perform actions authorized by assigned role.
How does it work in practice?
For example, there are several sales managers in Agency, IT specialist at outsourcing, head-manager - he is also the owner. Head-manager receives full access and rights to everything at the partner's office. He appoints himself the role of "Admin". After that adds Users: sales managers, assigns the role of "manager". For each one and separately, there is a sign- password to the Account, then for each user its possible to check the reports. Managers work with orders: create, pay and edit. Managers can check and edit all orders, even if they did not created.
The agency has a website, it is followed by an IT specialist and the head-manager decides to improve the sale of transfers through his website. Head-manager opens access to IT specialist and assigns a role. IT specialist gets access to necessary IT documentation and proceeds the necessary integration.
The agency has clients who are ready to choose a transfer and pay for that themselves. Head- manger of the agency has friends, acquaintances who need a transfer. Of course, it is possible to normally pick up and book a transfer for them. Role of "Client" will allow you to connect a new user, who will be able to independently choose and pay for the transfer. Client can only see his orders, he does not have access to other Partner information. Commission for such order is also going to the partner.
Access to the Partner's Account is given to each user by email address. When creating a new user, it is important to specify his email address. An invitation link will come to that address. By clicking the link, new user creates his or her secret password.
In reports, information will be displayed by each users as well. By all that, head-manager (admin) will be able to monitor the work of employees.
All bookings, all reports - in one place, in one Partner's Account.
You have a lot of managers, accounts and you want to differentiate access, while you want to reserve the financial part and details, and reserve transfers for your agents / managers, see consolidated reservations, + IT specialists give an important technical component.
You can add as many users with emails as you need, bind by emails to invite your friends and acquaintances, so that they easily book transfers.
You can send out invitations to managers in your branches and link them to your account, and they can make transfer bookings on their own.
How to add Users: 
  • In your personal Partner Account - new "Users" tab is added: 
  • Specify your User and assign a role for him:



  • You can create any number of users you want to - there are no limits. Activate and deactivate them at any time.


  • Roles have the following functionality and access to information:
- Administrator
For administrator, ALL rights will be available: profile, reports / orders, editing of roles for other already added users.
- Manager
For manager, it is available to check and edit all orders / bookings. 
Manger CAN NOT do the following: edit profile and manage Users / Requisites and does not have access to API-Wide section. Manager can book from the partner's balance (coming soon)
- Client
For client, it is available to check only his orders. Client CAN NOT do the following: edit profile, check API Wide, there is no checking to other (not his) orders. 
Client can not check your Statistics and your reports. Client does not have the opportunity to buy from the balance of the partner as well.
That means - you can add clients to your account, send them links for transfer bookings, All that your client will buy for all his orders, you will be credited with the Agent commission.
- IT specialist
IT specialist has access to API-Wide section, but does not have access to profile. 
  • You can change the status of your agents as well:
- Аctive
- Not active (deactivate the user, if the agent has moved to another department or does not work anymore in your organization)
Now there are more roles and more opportunities for sales in your Personal Account from Intui.travel transfer!
Check the features and functions of the new Users tab right now - in your Personal Account.
Have any ideas or suggestions? - Contact us at partner@intui.su and we will discuss it for sure!
Always ready for cooperation, Аnton Akhtyamov
Partner.Intui.travel manager