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A year after launching the instrument called White Label Intui® was installed by 300 new partners who have built booking transfers under their own brands in their sales. White Label is set up as a transfer booking system on partners' websites under their own logo for customers to book a transfer online as an additional service that brings 5%-9% commission to a partner. White Label is easy to use, WL increases sales and improves customer care, and it takes only 10 minutes to set it up. The support is totally on the side of transfer.

White Label is a customizable kit of transfer, applicable to travel agencies' websites. A number of useful settings and unique features have made this product popular among major players of travel industry such as Anyairticket, Global Travel Savers, AWAY, MundiCity, Flypark Plus, SAANSHINE, and others. White Label developed by transfer allows to integrate transfers booking with every subdomain and cms, and, moreover, make all transfers being provided under the own brand of the travel agency. Intui's White Label is a full version of Intui interface and provides all the functionality from searching transfer in 145 countries at any coordinates to online payment.
White Label can be branded not only by installer's logotype but also its identity. White Label is easily customized with the colour of the site. White Label code for different websites can be generated from one partner account. The embedded White Label allows to manage users, orders, transfers anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. The solution of White Label and “deep link” allows users to stay in the domain of travel company when they are booking their transfers.
Intui's adaptive White Label for booking private transfers is ready to set-up for everyone. It can be added to the site of any width and for all devices. Everything is adapted - search form and payment form - all that is openable, rewindable, clickable. Desktop, tablets, smartphones - adaptive White Label is usable for any devices.
White Label management is easier, faster, and more convenient, versus other companies' solutions. Embedding White Label into the sales gives the outcome of 5%-9% progressive commission on the sales of transfers. All transitions and bookings in White Label count to partner's ID. The White Label can be placed in a whole or only for a specific Airport or Airport - Destination. The framework allows showing the list of available kinds of vehicles on the landing page as default too, and if this option is chosen, the users will have no need to search for a vehicle via the search form.
To summarize all options and features of customizable White Label kit it is necessary to mention White label has a preview option, it is adaptive, has tests on the resolution, zoom in, zoom out. There are 2 available languages: English & Russian. Seven different colour options can be picked to make web design attractive: pink, marine, desert night, apple, monochrome, and colours combinations. Eye-catching text or slogan can be published as a topic in the header for customers so they can make a booking transfer without any doubt about the brand of a travel agency. A partner can set the default values of Airport and Resort. Additional elements and blocks can be configured separately, blocks can be visible or disabled on content pages, airport or on search results pages: Counter, Description, About Intui, Map, Reviews, Breadcrumbs. Blocks can be configured on the results page too.


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