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It's July already - summer is boiling! We are glad to announce new offers of personal transfers for comfortable trip of your customers, as well as remind you about our cool features and give you some useful tips for transfers booking from Intui.travel transfer.

Most recently, we presented the best Summer offers - What's new and what will please your customers in the hottest heat of this season?
Fascinating with its architecture Portugal, picturesque Croatia with the cleanest beaches + of course the fabulous, eternally sunny and beloved by tourists Turkey.


Please welcome new offers with attractive prices:
From Faro Airport, transfer attractive offers of Intui.travel are already added to more than 100 vacation spots: 


In Croatia, Intui.travel transfer also has a lot of interesting destinations.

About 100 routes from Dubrovnik airport and everyday there are new ones:

From Antalya airport, Intui.travel already has 70 destinations of transfers:
And so your clients could get maximum from their hot trip, there is a great option in our system:
Additional Hour
Now for a booked trip, there is an opportunity to add additional hours to the main trip for you and your customers:
  • Stops for the sightseeings
  • By the restaurant
  • At the store
  • Or for the driver could wait for you in a certain place

Offer your customers an additional opportunity and earn even more.
Your customers will appreciate this opportunity and will be grateful to you for the relevant and new offered service.
Why not? Of course yes!
  • You can check the availability of this feature on the auto selection page by clicking the "Details & Conditions" button:
  • When viewing additional information and bonuses of this car, you and your customers will see this option:
  • Next on the design page will be the option to tick the box to add this option + specific extra time for your customers:
Done! You and your customers can now pay extra hours for the trip.
List of popular destinations for which the new option  "Addotional hour" is already available:
2 Useful tips for transfer booking:
1. Did you know that the transfer can be booked at different airports?
Separate segmentation of transfer bookings is suitable in case when your client flies / arrives at different airports.
You would like to save a lil bit to pay less, but at the same time you want your client to arrive with comfort and receive a good transfer service with the optimum quality - the best option is:
- Shuttle bus from the Airport for the 1st segment
- Private car from the hotel to another Airport for the 2nd segment
2. Your clients are elderly or mothers with young children? -  we recommend:
- book an individual transfer of Private car.
They will be met with a sign at the airport and held until the transport, no need to confirm the return transfer and specify the time of landing, it is already specified in the voucher. Your clients will be provided with comfort on the way and a speedy rest!
Learn more about the Individual Transfer
By shuttle bus, your clients will need to follow step-by-step instructions in the voucher in order to find the Carrier company stand + for the return transfer it is necessary to specify the landing time by phone call.
Learn more about Shuttle bus transfer
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To your business success, Intui.travel transfer team