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Now your clients can start  to spend time on vacation interestingly already from the airport threshold.

An entertaining unusual trip on tuk-tuk is not only unforgettable and fascinating, but also comfortable as all transfers on Intui Travel.
Detailed instructions in the voucher will help your tourist to find a landing or a meeting place. The driver waiting for the passenger already owns all the necessary information for the order and delivers the customer to the address. In addition, in the manual we placed an assistant-guide "for an emergency". If the tourist is not met, or something happened, so that your client does not get confused and does everything necessary, he has a guide to ensure that everything ended safely.
Comfortable trip and comfortable booking: Intui Travel calculates the boarding time for the transfer. It is only necessary to indicate the departure time of the airplane, train, liner. Taking into account the distance, the necessary time for check-in and luggage setting, the local traffic, the time of transfer will be automatically offered in the booking form.
If you wish, for personal transfers, you can specify the time of landing before the proposed one - if your client wants for some reason to arrive earlier at the airport (for example, to attend duty-free).
And this is not all of it...
... because in Colombo there is another airport of Matala Rajapaksa, from which you can also offer your clients transfers to many hotels.
So, Sri Lanka - it's 2 airports and hundreds of routes between 38 cities where you can comfortably and without "surprises" deliver the tourist to the desired place and expand the boundaries of the products you offer, adding to their relevant and always relevant transfer.
And for webmasters it's a great opportunity to take unique landing pages for each route, what a huge choice!
Travel Agencies - choose the most suitable travel option for your clients at the lowest price.
OTA, Metasearch and hoteliers - connect to the capabilities of API-wide, to quality and profitable product - Transfers for your Up-sale.
More than 2 100 partners have already assessed the benefits of the profitable Partner.Intui.travel program.
- high commission percentage;
- many ways of integration;
- clients support  is fully on the Intui side;
- ability to download a voucher without price to add your own extra charge.
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		With the wishes of business success, Intui.travel transfer team