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Updated Widget - simple, lightning fast with many new possibilities for you from Intui.travel! 

We are glad to inform you about our new Intui.travel Widget Update and its features.

Widget from Intui.travel - easy way to redirect the user directly on the landing page. The widget can be customized completely to your taste.
We are constantly improving our tools for you dear partners, to make them more user-friendly, fast and up-to-date.

So here they are - new features and  possibilities of our updated Widget:

It is a completely new two-level type + with a new search engine!

- The speed of operation of the widget is increased in 10 - 25 times
Compared to the previous version, the new Widget works lightning fast - it just "flying", it shows / tells and it’s loading instantly! Working with it is now even more convenient, faster and more efficient.
- Preview option
The content  is adaptive, and you can make testings with the resolution - zoom in, zoom out and immediately see how Widget looks like in different resolution:
- Width
In widget settings, you can also specify a fixed width:
And if you have an adaptive site - you can add Adaptive type of Widget, and it will be adjusted to the width of the site.
- Language choice option: Russian & English 
- Choice of the right clor option
Pick any favorite color themes that suit your site so the combination with Widget could look more attractive and enjoyable for viewing offers by your customers - 7 different color options in total:
  • pink
  • marine
  • desert night
  • apple
  • monochrome
  • red
  • option with background
- Text in the header
Create eye-catching text - topic in the header for your customers so they can make a booking  transfer without any doubt from your site:
- Airport and Resort by default option
Set the appropriate Airport and Resort / Hotel and then WL search engine will be presented by default with the set values on your site:
If our Widget is already installed on your site - that means it has been already automatically updated to the newest version. 
Do you have a website where our Widget is not installed? - install our widget and earn on the sale of transfers 6% of remuneration! 
Get the code of updated Widget now:
Have any questions of how to setup and install our Widget? - click on the following link to learn more: https://partner.intui.travel/informers/
Always ready for cooperation, Аnton Akhtyamov
Partner.Intui.travel manager



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