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          Recessed / Embedded white label allows to output transfers booking on your subdomain and under your label. It  fully allows to use  the interface of Intui.travel transfers booking - you do not need to invest in the development of the webpages. Only from 10 minutes to 1 hour - that is all you will need to install an white label on your site.

Implementation of white label on your subdomain allows to integrate the interface of booking from selection up to payment option on your site. At the same time, your header and footer stay on your site! In this way, from selection up to payment option of transfers - all that your customer makes under your logo.

          Deep links from our API light are targeting offers of transfers. Using deep links, you can add transfers in a relevant way to your services. Using API light recommendations, you can create deep links in a relevant way to any content:

- you can setup links for transfers to hotel, descriprtion of city, resort or make a link for message-trigge

          Plus, by using your scripts and algorithms, you can place links / buttons / banners in a relevant way to the website structure or mailing lists: to geo-objects (that have geo-coordinates): hotels, villas, cities, resorts, airports, train stations & etc. To do that, only name and geo-coordinates of that object are needed. 

          Our script will automatically analyze the Url with parameters and open relevant content with offers on your domain in installed iframe.

Solution with white label + deep link allows user to stay on your domain! Your customer makes a booking of transfers on your site.

For setup, use the instructions deep link white label

The expamle of "landing" to the same white label, on your domain by deep link:

The example of implementation Embedded white label:



For setting-up, use our instruction to install deep-link to white label: https://partner.intui.travel/en/apidoc/#gps

You have ideas and suggestions? Send us a message to our  e-mail and we will consider and discuss them: partner@intui.su

Always ready for cooperation, Аnton Akhtyamov
Мanager of Intui.travel transfer Affiliate program

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