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and how to increase profit of your site using API


What is API?

API – the interface of the program or service, allows you to perform any of the pre-defined functions in it. It's very convenient to integrate the software with one another, using API.


How the API works?

API – like a channel,  which receives requests and gives relevant responses for it.
It may be some specific url on the site.
For example, on Intui.travel it is url https://www.intui.travel/api/v5/transfer/get/

On the side of service, providing API-functional, there are special algorithms (programs) that process incoming requests and give relevant responses.

So, API of hotel can give information about the availability and cost of rooms, depending on the requested date. Or API of aviacompany  can inform about departure and arrival time according to the flight races.


How to increase the profit from your website using API

API of transfers from Intui.travel gives a lot of opportunities to increase profits of touristic sites due to the ability to offer additional services to the relevant direction.



If there are search and booking of aviatickets on your site.

Offer your customer additional service of transfer from airport according to booked airtickets.
The driver will met your customer with the sign at the airport and transfer him right to hotel. Without having to wait in queue for a taxi. Without overpayments. Your customer will be pleased.


Do you have a website of booking the hotels?

Offer to your customer the comfortable transfer from the hotel to the airport, and he will be guaranteed not to be late for the flight! To do this, just send to our server a request for get transfer list by hotel name.

And that's just a few examples!


By the way, API of transfers from Intui.travel allows you to find routes not only to hotels, but also to absolutely any GPS-coordinates.

More information about API from Intui.travel transfers you can read in the special section of API-documentation in your personal account.